Alice In Wonderland Sweet Sixteen Theme

A Whimsical "Un- Birthday" Party That Everyone Will Love!

An Alice In Wonderland sweet sixteen theme is a great party for the imaginative, creative and those who love Disney. There are so many different ways to throw this party.

Alice In Wonderland Sweet 16 Party Themes:

There are many ways to throw an Alice In Wonderland party. There are countless scenes that you can make your party resemble; whether it be set as the tea party scene, down the rabbit hole, the red queens castle, or even the white queen.

The fine ball before Alice goes into wonderland would be a very pretty party theme as well. You can set your back yard as the glamorous ball scene, and make the inside of your house another scene from the story!

This sweet sixteen theme is easy to picture out, thus easy to plan! By using your imagination of how wonderland would appear to you, this is how you should decorate your party! Your wonderland will probably appear to be different then anyone else’s, so get creative and have fun with it!

The best way to plan your Alice In Wonderland party, is to focus on one specific theme from the story. If you decide on the tea party theme, you can decorate with tea cups and pots of several sizes, and serve delicious desserts.

Down the rabbit hole theme would look great decorated with warped decorations.

You can also throw a checkerboard theme. Create an enormous checkerboard as the dance floor and buy a few boxes of checkers to set out on tables for guests to play.

Random Cool Ideas:

Confusing riddles are very important for this party. Write little notes like “eat me” and “drink me” on your party food and beverages. In your gift bags and invitations, make sure to wish everyone a merry “Un- birthday”.

You can have a Mad Hatter dress code, where everyone should arrive at the party with a different kind of hat to sport. Or why not throw a mad hatter party? Have everyone go all out in face makeup and cool hates.


A few cool activities to play at your Alice In Wonderland sweet sixteen theme can include:

* Life sized chess.

* “Which door does the key go into?” game for prizes.

* Catch the Cheshire Cat: Buy a stuffed animal of the Cheshire cat and hide it somewhere at the party. The winner keeps the cat and another great prize.

* Play a Croquet game in the back yard.

How You Can Dress:

A frilly blue skirt with a blue shirt can work well for dressing up as Alice. A frilly blue sundress will also work perfectly. Alice doesn’t really go too far into makeup, so a natural look would be perfect.


Decorating for this party is so fun. Wonderland is based on a colourful whimsical world. A few sweet sixteen decorations for your Alice In Wonderland Party include:

Rabbit Easter candy would be great if you decide on the white rabbit theme. For the Mad Hatter party, Striped plates, tons of desserts, and several tea pots and tea cups of all sizes.

You can draw pictures of the Cheshire cat on your party napkins and paper plates.

You can design humongous playing cards out of bristle board posters and set them around your party. Placing mirrors of different sizes everywhere would also look really neat.

Set all of the clocks in the room to a constant 6:00. This will represent the punishment for mystical being.

Set up a long table for your tea party, covered in mismatches saucers, plates, tea cups and pots. Use a very colourful table cloth and chairs of all shapes and sizes. It would be funny to have some guests sitting up very high, and others down really low. A large fancy chair would be great placed at the end of the table for the birthday girl.

If you are throwing your sweet sixteen theme in relation to the red queen; place several objects abnormally around the room. You can even try to talk your guests to wear large objects as body parts(big nose, big hair..etc.)

You can also decorate your door so it represents the rabbit hole, or the looking glass, where people have to go through to enter the party. Or use a play tunnel.

Have a thought? Tell us about your sweet sixteen decorations ideas!


Here are some great sweet 16 party invitations ideas to use at your Alice In Wonderland sweet sixteen theme! These ideas may be well known, so if you have heard of them before, they have been put on this website for the purpose of fun ideas only.

* In your party invitations, ask your guests “not to be late for a very important date”

* As said before, wish everyone a “very merry Un-birthday”.

* Ask your guests to meet you down the rabbit hole, or in wonderland.

* Staple a tea bag or a playing card to each invitation.

So there you have it. Tons of fun Alice In Wonderland sweet sixteen theme ideas. Have fun planning, and enjoy your special day!

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