Sweet Sixteen Songs


Every girl wants to find the perfect sweet sixteen songs for her her special birthday, so here are a few popular and great songs that I know and love.

You can make a CD of songs specifically based on sweet 16, or you can mix them in with your other favorites! Sweet 16 songs give an extra touch to the special day!

Sweet sixteen songs are not usually easy to find, until now! I have conducted a large list of great songs based on sweet 16, and a few videos that you can take a peek at!

TIP: Remember to choose a song that is perfect for you, has meaning to you, and that you will love forever!

Some great sweet 16 song include some of the following:

  • Sweet Sixteen - Destiny's Child
  • Only Sixteen - Sam Cooke
  • Only Sixteen - Dr. Hook
  • Sweet Little 16 - Chuck Berry
  • You're 16 - Ringo Starr
  • You're Sixteen - Johnny Brunette
  • Sixteen Candles - The Jackson 5
  • Sixteen Reasons - Connie Stevens
  • The Sound of Music - Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  • Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka
  • Sweet Little Sixteen - The Beatles

  • Sweet Sixteen - Hilary Duff

    This song describes the freedom and excitement of turning 16. As Hilary Duff says, this is the time to spread your wings and discover life. This is also a well know song from MTV's hit show "My SUper Sweet 16."

    Always Sixteen- Billy Ray Cyrus

    Sweet 16 by Billy Idol

    This is a beautiful classic song about a sweet sixteen birthday. A great song to play at your party or sing on karaoke!

    Sixteen Candles by The Crests

    A very famous, classic and popular song about sweet 16. This is specifically about a sweet sixteen birthday. He sings about a girl who is only sixteen who he is infatuated with.

    Christine 16 by KISS

    A great classic song to rock out with on your sixteenth birthday!

    Enjoy the songs and have a blast!

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