How to get the MOST and BEST Sweet Sixteen Party Supplies on a Budget!


Finding sweet sixteen party supplies for cheap has always been a hot topic. This is a question that countless people have asked, so I decided to build a page about it! I have prepared a step by step plan to help you find the best sweet sixteen party supplies for as little a cost as possible.

Step 1: Start of by making yourself a party budget. Calculate how much you can or want to spend on your sweet16 party supplies. Give yourself a minimum and maximum budget for your shopping list.

Step 2: Write out your shopping list! Consider the essentials for your party. Consider some of the following:

* Birthday Cake/ Cake Mix
* Sweet Sixteen Decorations
* Food/ Munchies
* Utensils, Cutlery, Table Cloths
* Invitations/ Sweet16 Party Favors

Prioritize what you will need to spend the most money on, and what will only cost a little money. If you can make things yourself, that will definitely cost less.

Step 3: Compare prices from different stores. Do your shopping at bargain stores such as a dollar store or Walmart. You can also find great prices online.

Sweet 16 Party Supplies

Searching for the right sweet 16 party supplies is important. Party supplies really help you to organize your party planning by choosing your party theme before anything! Check out all of the great advice, ideas, and tips and tricks to help you find the right sweet 16 party supplies for you!

Now that you have created your shopping list and considered the essentials, let’s go shopping! I will give you great ideas for finding things cheaper, and even better than your average super expensive sweet sixteen party supplies.

Party Themes

Your sweet 16 party theme should always be considered before purchasing all of your sweet sixteen party supplies. This is because you will want your party to actually look like it is following your theme.

If you later decide to have a Pink themed party, and you had decided to buy colorful decorations and supplies, you’re in trouble. You are also about to spend double money for buying double of everything. Check out Sweet 16 Party Themes for some great ideas.

Sweet Sixteen Decorations

Now that you have chosen your sweet16 party theme, let’s begin with your sweet sixteen decorations! The most important part of choosing your decorations is shopping around and comparing prices! The Dollar Store usually has the best prices for balloons, streamers and everything else a party would need.

Cool TIP!

Go through your Christmas decorations you have stored away until the big holiday. You would be surprised at how many things you can use, without it looking like you are throwing a Christmas party! Don’t be afraid to plug in your Christmas tree lights, they look awesome at a party!

You can also make your own sweet sixteen party supplies! This has many benefits. Doing this is very cheap, eco friendly, and will make your party very creative and original! Check out Sweet Sixteen Decorations for more great ideas.

Party Food

There are tons of things you can grab for great tasting party food that is inexpensive and easy to make!

Making small sandwiches and cutting them in fours, or even using cookie cutter shapes to cut the sandwiches, are a great and inexpensive snack for your party.

Vegetable platters with salad dressing sip are also very inexpensive and great sweet 16 party supplies.

You can also buy a large Costco pizza and cut the pieces in strips. The smaller the strips, the more pizza there seems to be. People also typically eat less pizza when they are in smaller strips, but feel like they have eaten more.

Hotdogs are also fantastically cheap! Really just browse through the grocery and find the deals, and think about what these teenagers will actually eat!

You can make your own sweet 16 birthday cake as well. Learn how to bake your own excellent 3- tier birthday cake for cheap here!

So there you have it. Countless ideas for finding your perfect sweet sixteen party supplies on a budget. Good luck and have fun shopping!

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