Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations Wording


Wording your sweet sixteen party invitations is a job that needs to be perfected! Sweet 16 party invitations give the guests a sneak peak of the special celebration they are attending.

Your invitations must give the guests the proper information so that they know where the party location is, the time and the rules of the party. Some information that you may want to put in the invitations may include some of the following:

* Date/time
* Address
* Party theme
* Rules and dress code

Here is a mainstream normal sweet sixteen party invitation. Follow this template when writing an invitation, but stick in some cool wordings or versus in the invitation!

You are invited to join us in celebration!

(Name) is celebrating her sweet 16 birthday on:



The party will be held at:


RSVP to (name of host)

Looking froward to seeing you there!

Sweet 16 Party Invitations

Sweet 16 party invitations are very important for such an important celebration as a sweet sixteen party. Excellent invitations, ideas, and video guides to make your own awesome invitations!

Cool Party Wording:

Here are a few free examples of sweet sixteen party invitations wording. Feel free to use them, but please do not take these and put them on your own website. These have been created by me to share with you!

* You are invited to (Name’s) awesome sweet 16 surprise party! Dress accordingly for the biggest and baddest bash of the year.

* Prepare yourself for an evening you will never forget. Listen to the loudest music, dance to the greatest beats, and party with the coolest girl in school! You are formally invited to (Name’s) sweet 16 birthday party!

* Attention! You are invited to the sweetest party in town. Come Join in on (Name’s) sweet 16 celebration. Let’s get this party started!

* We’re having a party and you’re invited. Music, games, steaks and cake! Join me at my sweet 16 birthday bash and bring a friend! From 5 till’ 9 the fun won’t end.

* It’s a sweet 16 party and you are invited to share in laughs, memories and fresh new excitement. So join me for my day

* A Sweet 16 is a special day to every girl. She is no longer just a child, she's growing into a beautiful woman. So come and join the celebration of (Name’s) sweet 16 birthday!

* (Name) is pleased to invite you to her sweet 16 birthday celebration.

* A sweet sixteen is the time to celebrate your youth and kind. So we welcome you to come celebrate this special time and eat some cake!

Invitation Verses:

Sweet sixteen party invitations verses are also excellent for wording. Check out these two examples:

Sweet 16 is the moment of truth
When girls mature
From there childish youths

Sweet 16 is an important day
When a special girl celebrates
Her coming of age

So we’re pleased to invite you
To celebrate
A day of magic, life and play!

Every girl waits for this day
With hopes and dreams in her eyes
Every mother waits for this day
The day she can finally drive
This is the time in each girls life
To celebrate her youth and change

So I invite you to come and share the fun
Of (Name’s) Sweet 16 birthday!

So there you have it, loads of free sweet 16 party invitations wording to choose from. Feel free to scramble up some words and use a few versus and lines. If you have any of your own that you think are great and would like to share with the world, contact me with them!

Remember that your sweet sixteen party invitations should have color, a theme, and creativity in each. You can make invitations by hand or by computer. You could also buy invitations and make your own wording. Just make sure that they are creative and eye catching!

Also, check out Sweet Sixteen Poems for great poem ideas that would fit well for invitation verses. Good luck and have a blast!

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