Make your own sweet sixteen gift from scratch!


Get your crafty hands working because you are about to find the perfect sweet sixteen gift to give. Finding the right gift is sometimes very hard to do, but fortunately, making a homemade gift from scratch will help you deliver the best gift to the special girl.

You know her tastes, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Use his to your advantage and check out these great sweet sixteen gifts.

Unique 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here are some great and unique 16th Birthday Gifts that are different for any other! Since a sweet sixteen birthday is such an important day, why not give her a special and unique gift!

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect sweet sixteen gift ideas is sometimes quite tricky to do. You want to find the birthday girl something she will appreciate and love. Check out this page for some fantastic ideas!

Sweet 16 Word search

Make the birthday girl a sweet 16 birthday word search. Inside of the word search, put in personal memories and inside jokes for the birthday girl to find.

You can glue this word search to a poster board or construction paper with abstract magazine cutouts to give the word search a cool look.
Or how about a gift a little larger, yet still simple to create? A sweet sixteen gift must be properly thought about and prepared for when you plan to make it yourself.

Happy Birthday Bulletin board

Make the birthday girl a very unique bulletin board out of a large corked board with a wooden frame and thumbtacks. You can paint the frame her favorite color with cheap paint from the dollar store.

Attach notes you wrote to each other, silly drawings, inside jokes and of course pictures of you and her! This is a great unique gift and very easy to make.

Sweet Sixteen Gift baskets

Gift baskets are easy to make, and you can do so much with them! All you need to do is purchase a large enough basket from any craft shop or dollar store, and a few of her favorite things!

A gift basket of things any girl might enjoy can include:

* Bath products
* Body lotions and sprays
* Candy and homemade treats
* Candles and incense

Making something extremely sweet and unique is also great to put in the basket. Making homemade friendship bracelets or necklaces are great to show the birthday girl that you appreciate her!

You could also be unique and make her a practical joke gift basket. Any gag shop sells all sorts of funny items, such as:

* Candy PMS pills
* Whoopie Cushion
* Electric shocking chewing gum
* Silly looking sunglasses.

There are tons of things that you could put in this sort of sweet sixteen gift basket, but try not to embarrass her too much. After all, it is her special day!

If you are doing a gag gift basket, you might consider some of the following items for your best birthday gift baskets:

You could also make a spa gift basket for her sweet 16 gift. Spa baskets are great and simple to make! You can use items such as:

* Loufa
* Nail polish
* Face masks
* Cucumber eye pads
* Scented candles
* Epsom salts.

In this gift basket you could also make a c.d. of relaxing tunes to listen to while taking a bath.

sweet sixteen gift

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Birthday Scrapbook

A Scrapbook is a heart warming, sentimental homemade sweet sixteen gift that anyone close could give to the birthday girl. Many stores, including Walmart sell scrapbook kits.

You could also just buy a scrap book and scrapbook stickers, words, and stencils are sold at any craft store, Walmart or dollar store. Find old pictures of you and the birthday girl, pictures of great memories, inside jokes, little notes and stickers of her favorite cartoon characters.

Box of homemade treats

Pull out the oven mitts and bake the birthday girl a box full of treats! This is a great gift idea if you love to bake, and the birthday girl loves treats. You can bake:

* Cookies
* Muffins
* Chocolates
* Brownies

And anything else your heart desires! If you want to do a little extra something, you can make a cook book with the recipes to all of the treats you made for her.

Check out loads more of our sweet sixteen gift ideas. You will surely be inspired!

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