Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas

Sweet sixteen gift ideas can be home made, unique, fun, or sentimental. Searching for the perfect gift is sometimes quite tricky to do. You want to find the birthday girl something she will appreciate and love. And sometimes it’s hard finding that perfect gift that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. We always love to hear about your gift ideas, and opinions. If you have something to say, let us hear about it!

Give the birthday girl a gift that she will cherish forever. These sentimental sweet sixteen gift ideas are great to give if you are family or a very close friend. Girls love sentimental gifts, no matter what age they are! You can never go wrong with jewellery, memory gifts, or gifts that you know she will hold close to her heart.

“Friends Forever” Charm:

This type of gift has touched my heart to the deepest core. You can find charms like these almost anywhere. Make sure to keep one of the charms for yourself to complete the phrase.

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Poems, Letters, and Pitures

This is a very simple, affordable and adorable gift to give any young lady. Write her a poem or take one from the sweet 16 poems page and re-type it out in a nice, italics font. You can purchase nice frames at any dollar store, Walmart, or Hallmark store. Visit our Birthday Poems page now!

If you are handy on Photoshop, you can take a picture of you and her, and fade the picture out enough to see the poem. Make sure the frame fits and has a beautiful look to it. If you decide to use a picture in your poem, go to your local photography print shop and ask them to print the piece in the size according to your frame.

Create a scrapbook by purchasing a good sized photo album, or even a specific scrapbook cover. You can find little stickers with sentimental words at any local craft store to stick in the book. Cut out and glue pictures of the birthday girl during special moments, including pictures of people who mean a lot to her. Get crafty and stick in leaves that will dry under the photo books cover, or even little nots and birthday cards. This present will definitely be a keep sake to her forever!

Digital Photo Frame:

Get your sweet 16 an electronic digital photo frame for her birthday! Before giving her the present, put pictures on it of special memories and friendships to her.

Surprise Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas:

Are you and your friends having trouble finding the birthday girl a super cool gift? Well for my last birthday a group of my closest friends conspired to each pitch in an equal amount of money into getting me a digital camera! This was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me and I will praise them forever. Just remember when you are looking for sweet sixteen gift ideas to consider her likes and wants.

So why not get some pals and pitch in for a super sweet present? You can get her something she’s always wanted without her ever having a clue!

Concert tickets for the birthday girl and a couple of her closest friends is one of the top gift ideas for a teen. An activity which makes her feel independent is something that she will always remember.

A home made card is a special 16th birthday gift in itself. Get those crafty hands moving and use lots of colorful paper, ribbons and stickers.

Simplicity is a treasure.

Are Diamonds Her Best Friend?

Why not get the birthday girl a beautiful piece of jewellery such as:

* A sweet 16 charm or pendant

* A silver watch

* Earrings and a matching necklace

There are so many sweet sixteen gift ideas to choose from. Just remember to consider her hobbies and interests when finding the birthday girl her perfect gift. A journal can sometimes do the trick for 16th birthday gifts. Maybe her favorite author has a new book out. Explore the horizons. And have fun!

Glittery sweet sixteen gift ideas don't have to be just jewellery. You can get the birthday girl some really cute phone and tablet covers which sparkle like jewels.

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We always encourage you to submit ideas of your own as well. If you have a cool idea for a gift that you haven't seen on this site, please tell us about it!

Custom Birthday Gifts

Custom Birthday Gifts, Unique and Personalized gifts for that Special Sweet 16.

Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Baskets

Truly Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Basket, Spa Gift Basket, Music Lovers Basket...etc!

Take An Adventure! Outing Gift Ideas for Sweet Sixteen

Outing gift ideas for sweet sixteen is a great way to celebrate by doing things that she normally doesn’t do. Even if that means hang gliding or riding a horse for the first time, she can celebrate her coming of age by experiencing the rush of life.

A Free Sweet 16 Gift… Yes I Did Say Free!

Department shopping can get very pricey when searching for that perfect sweet 16 gift. But what if there existed a gift that cost nothing more then a few bucks for materials, and a little spare time?

Sweet Sixteen Gifts on a Budget

We all want to find the birthday girl the best sweet sixteen gifts, but money can be tight at times. Here we provide great tricks, tips and gift ideas that are perfect for a 16 year old girl.

Great Sweet 16 Birthday Gifts For That Special Birthday Girl!

We all know that this is a very important and special birthday, so you will definitely need some very special sweet 16 birthday gifts ideas. Today’s your lucky day… you have found the number one stop for all of your sweet 16 party ideas needs. So please enjoy!

Hot NEW 16th Birthday Gift Ideas!

16th birthday gift ideas range from person to person, and individual tastes and scenes. Check out these hot new sweet sixteen gift ideas for some great inspiration!

Unique 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here are some great and unique 16th Birthday Gifts that are different for any other! Since a sweet sixteen birthday is such an important day, why not give her a special and unique gift!

Top Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Sweet 16 gift ideas are sought after every minute of the day. Someone is always looking for new, cool and unique sweet sixteen gift idea for their friend or relatives special day. So here are some of the top and most popular sweet sixteen gift ideas available!

Homemade Sweet 16 Gifts

Get your crafty hands working because you are about to find the perfect sweet sixteen gift to give. Finding the right gift is sometimes very hard to do, but fortunately, making a homemade gift from scratch will help you deliver the best gift to the special girl.

Sweet 16 Birthday Cards

Tons of great birthday card ideas for tees are tight here!

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Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas Submitted By Others

Check out more great Sweet Sixteen Gift Idea contributions by other visitors to this page...

16 little gifts 
So i decided to make my friend 16 little gifts of things that remind me of her or stuff that we have done together. i also placed little sticky notes on …

Vintage Tea-Set 
Inside of every girl there is a little girl who loves her little tea-parties. For my sixteenth I held a high-tea party and as a present my friend bought …

Spa treatments! 
I got a voucher for a local hotel. For the spa and beauty part of it. I had the choice of loads of things but scene as i was going out that night I …

hand bag  
a girl can never have to many hand bag why don't get a Prada one or a D&G

Sweet 16 Eco Friendly Journal 
my friends all pitched in and bought me an Eco friendly journal for my sweet 16. It is so amazing I use it every day. It's also Eco friendly so I never …

16 Items 
I created a Sweet Sixteen basket for my daughter with 16 items in the basket. The items could include: - Candy and Gum - Body Sprays and Lotions …

A special furry friend! 
You've heard your BFF dreaming for that forever friend, so give her one for her sixteenth B-Day. A puppy, kitten, or even a little bunny rabbit! Of …

cool presents 
I love toilet paper and cats. for my sweet sixteen i got pencils and water bottles, that's something you can give your bff. or give her paper and put a …

Magnetic Name Board Not rated yet
For my sweet sixteen, my best friend put together a huge magnetic name board. It was a white magnetic board with large maagnetic letters of my name attached. …

a designer dress  Not rated yet
You can wear a dress from Betsey Johnson to your sweet 16 party and it's a great idea for girls who like fashion !

A Hot Air Ballon Ride/Trampoline Not rated yet
Sweet 16 is a BD you should never forget even if you do not get your permit or a car...Celebrate and do things you do not normally do. Even if that …

remote controlled go go car!! Not rated yet
a very high powered controller car that goes very well off road. this will set the buyer back around 300-400 dollars for an average car. mainly for …

Manicure Kit Not rated yet
If you get her a manicure kit it saves a lot of money and a million trips to the mall's salon. I have got it for one of my nieces and she absolutely …

meMorIez mADe Not rated yet
what we can do is..just make a sweet album..of the memories shared with our friends..the b'day girl...n also stick photos of her favorite actor...her fav.thingz....n …

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