Sweet Sixteen Decorations

Sweet sixteen decorations range from your party budget to the parties theme. Whether your planning a theme, a trend setter, or just a relaxed and casual party, we can find you the best decorations to suit your needs. It takes more planning than to just walk into a arty store without an idea in your head about your party. You want the look to totally stand out, and for your friends to want to take pictures at the party!

I recommend that you decorate as though you were an artist. An artist looks into every intricate detail in their masterpiece, and assures that colours and textures will flow together.

Decorating is the most visual aspect of a sweet 16 party. This truly makes the first impression for your guests to assume whether they will enjoy the party or not. The most typical decorations you will need for a sweet 16 party are as follows:

* Lots of Balloons

* Streamers and banners

* Confetti

* Throw Pillows

* Party Posters and photographs

* Party Hats and Tiaras

Remember to consider the color you the sweet sixteen party theme when you pick up these decorations. Keep them looking unique but tastily, fun and eye- catching. Throw pillows are fun decorations for a girls night in style of party, as well as cozy bean bag chairs.

* Disco Balls

* Strobe Lights

* Fog Machines

* And Foam Machines

These are more popular sweet sixteen party supplies for large established parties, in gyms, and teen dance halls.

But for the simpler parties, many sweet sixteen decorations can be made by you, in your very own home!

Making your own sweet sixteen decorations are much cheaper and more fun then buying them all. Check out these ideas, and more are sure to come soon!

Cut out several large garbage bags into many strips and hang them up on your ceiling around a specific room. This idea is great for Glow in the Dark or Halloween parties. The more strips you have , the darker the room will appear.

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We encourage you to flip through the above pages to get inspiration for decorating ideas. We also loe to hear from you about your ideas and opinions! Decorating is one of my favorite parts of therowing a sweet 16, apart from cake decorating!

 Now let's talk about paper ring streamers!

Just like the good old childhood days, you can make really cool sweet sixteen decoration party streamers that cost next to nothing. All you need is construction paper of your chosen color theme, glue, and scissors.

Cut the construction paper into strips horizontally, and glue the ends of one strip. If you chose the colors black and pink, make your first ring from a black strip. Stick the pink paper strip through the black ring and glue the pink strips ends together.

You should now have the beginning of a chain. Continue this process until you have your streamer as long as you want. Hang the streamer up and you have a decoration!

Wall Posters:

Buy a few pieces of bristle board from your local dollar store or craft shop. You can do several cool things with these posters.

Cut out a large 16 out of a poster and draw cute little doodles inside the letters. Tape them to the walls with green painters tape. This way you will not chip the paint from your walls. Write sweet 16 on another poster with a cool poem or a few quotes you like.

This will decorate your party, especially if you use neon color Bristol boards.

Signature Board Homemade!

On a bristle board, write a phrase or just “sweet 16” in large and draw a few cute doodles on the poster. Punch a hole through the poster and grab a rope with a pen or marker attached for your friends to sign and comment on.

Help Sweet 16 With Supplies!

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Blow up any old balloons you pick out. Write little messages or draw funny pictures on the balloons. This will surely attract attention from party guests. Remember to use a sharpie! They work the best on balloons.

Well there will be many more tips, techniques and ideas for sweet sixteen decorations to come. If you need some quick suggestions, email me at my contact page.Until then, have a BLAST

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