Sweet Sixteen Birthday Poems

“Poetry is the music of the soul,
and above all,of great and feeling souls"

Sweet sixteen birthday poems are excellent as gifts for the birthday girl, to put in cards, or write on cakes! These may even help a bit with sweet 16 speeches, so enjoy, take what you’d like, but please do not post them on your own website. These poems were made by me to help you find or write your own poems.


On This Day

On this day I wish you all the wonders in the world
All the happiness in your eyes
All the stars in the sky
On this day you turn sixteen
May each moment be a wonderful dream
On this day believe in your wishes
And may you have the perfect sixteen kisses

From Everyone

On this wonderful day
I wanted to say
How much u mean to me
You’re the reason I smile
You’re the reason the sun rises
Today is your sixteenth birthday
And you couldn’t be more loved
Your kindness touches the hearts
Of everyone you know
So to you my dearest friend
Daughter, sister and niece
I wish you all the happiness
That comes with sweet sixteen

You’re Amazing

As silly as a birthday poem in a card seems
I want you to know what you mean to me
You are a true gift, so precious and rare
One of those true people that are so hard to find
Who is honest, caring and giving
Today on your sweet sixteen
I use this as an excuse to tell you you’re amazing
You deserve the greatest birthday
You are loved and admired by many
Happy sweet 16

Funny Sweet 16

Today’s a special day
I whisper in your ear
The day that you’re sixteen
More than just another year
You’re old enough to drive now
To fly and be set free
Tonight you’ll have a party
I whisper in your ear
And blow out sixteen candles
But for now while its morning
You get your sixteen punches!

Sweet sixteen birthday poems can be from pretty much anyone, and used in many ways. If you have any poems that you’ve created and would like posted on this page, just leave it on the contact page with your name to be credited with, and I will surely contact you back!

Sweet 16 Is A Time

Sweet 16 is a time
To look back at your childhood and rewind
Candy coated dreams
Silly baseball teams
Big city streets
And rubber ducky boots
Sweet 16 is a time
To remember when you got tucked in at night
And how you witched off your pink nightlight
Sweet 16 is a time
To blow out your candles
And wear high heel sandals
Sweet 16 is a day
You’re almost a woman
But still just a child
Sweet 16 is the greatest day

There are tons more sweet sixteen birthday poems to come shortly, so enjoy these, and the poems on my other sweet 16 poem pages.


Sweet Sixteen Birthday Poems

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