Homemade Glow in the Dark Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitations

Homemade Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitations for Glow in the Dark Party, Neon Parties, and Many More!

Are you in need for some great sweet sixteen birthday invitations for your upcoming glow in the dark party?

Well these invitations are easy to make, and are very inspirational for the following reasons:

- It costs so much less to make the sweet 16 party invitations yourself.

- This gives you the opportunity to get your crafty skills working. I personally find that making things myself gets me more excited for the pending celebration.

- You can make each guest’s invitation unique if you wanted to.

If you have yet to see our Glow in the Dark theme page, check it out here! Glow in the Dark Party Each type of invitation will require different materials, some of which may include:

* Construction paper in black and white.(A pack of each should be fine)
* Pencil Crayons and regular crayons
* Scissors and glue
* Glow in the dark stickers (optional for extra decoration)
* Glow in the dark paint
* Glow sticks

These items are all important when considering making your own sweet 16 party invitations. They also sell glow in the dark stamps which could make for a cool ideas as well.

(Tip: The glow sticks are great to place inside each invitation, and glow in the dark stickers are fun too.)

So let’s get your glow in the dark party planning on the move, and start with our sweet sixteen birthday invitations!

Neon Scratch Black Invitations

For these invitations you will need:

* White paper
* Pencil crayons
* Regular crayons
* Calligraphy pen, Popsicle stick or butter knife to scratch words and designs

Do you remember being a kid and coloring all over a piece of white construction paper? This may sound silly to think of but it was a well know childhood activity!

After the sheet of white paper was colored entirely by pencil crayons, you would color OVER the colors with black crayon until the sheet of paper was entirely black. It was so much fun as a child; can you imagine how much better your artwork and designs will look now?

The only difference between your childhood masterpieces and the sweet sixteen birthday invitations you are making now, is the fact that you will be folding the paper in half, like a card style.

You may ask “doesn’t that mean that I would have to color both sides of each paper?” Well you have two options for this.

1. You can very well color both sides of each paper if you wanted to

2. You can color one side of each paper and then cut it in half before you begin your scratching designs. Then you can staple the two sheets into a card style invitation, or hole punch and tie with black or lime green string.

The coloring part of this invitation may take a minute or two for each sheet of paper. When you have your sheets of paper colored and covered in black, then it is time to scratch out your neon invites!

Make sure to scratch out the invitation wording very legibly. You can use a calligraphy pen, a butter knife, Popsicle stick or even your fingernails to scratch out the words and designs.

I’ll warn you now, if you use your nails to do the design scratching, you will have a lot of fun cleaning your fingernails in the end.

When all of the wording and designs are complete, your invitations will have an awesome glow in the dark party/ neon party look and feel.

You can cut your invitations into any shape and size that you wish.

Glow in the Dark Paint Sweet 16 Party Invitations

For these invitations you will need the following:

* Black paper
* Glow in the dark paint
* Scissors
* Thin paintbrush

These sweet sixteen birthday invitations are extremely easy to make… but you need to make the in the dark! You will definitely require the glow in the dark paint for this project.

Go into a dark room and start designing your glow in the dark party invitations! Fold the sheet of paper in half before you begin your designs.

Make sure that you leave a note in each invitation, to inform each guest to go into a dark room to read the invite. Don’t forget to inform them on this, or else they will just end up staring clueless at a black piece of paper.

Once again, you may cut each invitation into any shape and size that you wish.

Well I certainly hope that these glow in the dark party sweet sixteen birthday invitations have helped or at least given you some great ideas!

Check back frequently for more of our awesome ideas.

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