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Selecting the perfect sweet sixteen birthday cakes are one of the most important parts of planning a sweet sixteen party. Every birthday party has a cake, and every memory of a birthday experience has a special looking cake. There are countless ideas for decorating, baking or finding the best sweet 16 birthday cakes.

Placing quotes on your cake is a great way to give a unique touch to the cake. Check out our many

sweet sixteen birthday cakes

sweet sixteen quotes to put right on your cake! This is a great way to tell the birthday girl how much she means to everybody, especially when you can’t find those perfect words.

Remember to think short and sweet, but to the point and meaningful. The birthday girls sweet 16 experience will be that much better if her heart is touched!

Basically you can give the sweet 16 girl the gift of a delicious desert by either baking it or finding a great one to buy already made.

Some of the most popular sweet sixteen birthday cakes are:

* 3 tier pink cakes
* Cakes made into the shape of the number 16
* Cakes with tiaras on top
* Princess cakes or castle cakes
* Animal print cakes

Unique sweet 16 candles are very popular as well. Candles that are larger than usual, ones which are swirly or sparkly are great too. When choosing the sweet 16 candles, make sure that they are especially unique looking. You can find unique candles online, at a party shop, or even at the dollar store.

The image of the cake is also a very important consideration. Some bakeries actually make literal pictures out of icing. So if there is a picture that you have on hand that you would love to see and eat on a cake, scope out some local bakeries!

Don’t forget to select her favorite cake flavor, and to incorporate her favorite color. If she has a sweet 16 party theme going, this can affect what type of cake you should get her as well.

Check out our sweet 16 cakes for every personality page for more in depth ideas for cakes that will suit her very unique personality. We offer cakes for the glamorous, artsy girls, musical, sporty girls and many more. You can find just about any cake that you could ever imagine. It’s just the matter of learning how to make it or finding out where to buy it.

We also offer awesome step by step instructions on how to bake a sweet 16 birthday cake . Some of the most popular cakes in the world are: butter cakes, angle food cakes, cheese cake, chiffon, marble, and sponge cakes. And remember; don’t doubt your baking talents. As long as you follow baking directions, your cake will always come out perfectly.

The first cake that I ever baked was extremely nerve racking. This was because I baked it last minute, and I made it a big 3 tier cake. You can check it out on the how to bake the greatest three tier sweet sixteen cakes page! Let’s just say my cake was a hit at my great friend’s party, and it turned out to look really cute!

I’m sure you’re probably wondering about how to find or make the coolest cake designs. Really do some research. Find out what the birthday girl loves and incorporate it into the cake design.

happy birthday

Sweet sixteen birthday cakes really are fun to explore, and there are so many interesting kinds out there! All you need is an idea, a working oven, some oven mitts (so not to burn yourself!) and the proper directions and ingredients. And you should be all set.

As long as you find a cake that you THINK she will like, it is most probably that she will love it because it's from the heart, and it tastes delicious. It's hard to go wrong with a birthday cake.

So get ready, get set…. And go find the perfect sweet sixteen birthday cakes!
Happy birthday =)

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