Sweet 16 Winter Wonderland


A sweet 16 Winter Wonderland theme party is super fun to have. This is a great way to get creative by decorating your home or party place with creative and unique decorations based on winter!

Where would you like your Winter Wonderland party to be? You can have a great celebration at:

* A hall in a hotel
* A teen dance club
* A local country club
* At your own home

winter wonderland

The key to an awesome sweet 16 Winter Wonderland party is white! Everything must be as white as possible. Ask your guests to dress in white whether your party is formal or just casual. Baby blue and silver are also good colors to wear for this theme.

Sweet 16 dresses are an important topic to this special sort of party.

Ask your girlfriends to wear white or baby blue gowns, and the guys to wear black and white penguin suits... sorry, tuxedo is the proper word.

Use white party streamers and lots of silver confetti. Blow up some white balloons and make some paper snowflakes. Hang your snowflakes on white string from the ceiling of your party.

Buy some white spray paint and spray your old Christmas tree white. Get some cotton and tinsel and stream it all around your party area.

To add a little color to your party, add some silver, baby blue or light pink to your party decorations. Doing this will bring good emphasis to all the white.

Use some old Christmas lights to give your sweet 16 winter wonderland party some sparkling shine.

Dim all main lights , except for your Christmas bulbs. Light many white scented candles, or, even purchase some fake white candles from your local dollar store. They are safe, realistic, and about a dollar per candle.

If your birthday is in January, this comes to your advantage! Boxing day sales are on! All stores are trying to get rid of their Christmas decoration stock, so why not help them out, and help your wallet out.

Snow globes will be on sale around this time. So why not use them as party decorations? They are pretty, and if you have tons after your party, you can give one to each guest as a small present.

For winter wonderland invitations, why not have snowflake or gingerbread man shaped invitations? These are cute and will hint to your guests the cool theme to your sweet 16 party.

Make a snowman family outside the party. Have your friends make snow sculptures of each other. This is a fun activity for all ages. Take some pictures of your big snowman family.

Give everyone a copy of the picture to remember the fun times at your cool sweet 16 winter wonderland party.

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