Throw a Masquerade Ball Party for Your Sweet 16 Theme


A Masquerade Ball Party is a cool sweet 16 theme. This is a formal affair, so the girls must wear a gown and the guys must wear a suit and tie.

This ball party should take place in a large room such as a gym, rented reception hall in a hotel, or even outside if the weather permits.

This type of party may cost a bit more then others if you consider some of the following costs for these sweet 16 party ideas:

* The rented hall
* Cost of formal attire
* Cost of decorations and masks
* Food

Having a dinner is of course optional, but a very nice addition to the sweet 16 party ideas celebration.

Good ways to help fund this party:

Cover Charge: Print out small tickets for your guests to purchase. Tell them that they count for your birthday gift! These tickets can also be invitations.

Prize Raffle: Buy something really cool and display it at the party. A neat idea would be to make the prize relate to your sweet 16 party themes.

Lure your guests into buying a ticket with a number on it. The tickets owner with the number called out at the end of the party wins the prize. This can either be a mystery prize or you can show it in display.

These sweet 16 theme funding ideas should help you out quite a bit.

The Masquerade Masks

Every guest that attends the sweet 16 party themes must wear a mask. You can either buy masquerade masks in bulk at a local party shop or online, or have your guests make or buy their own. Make sure that your mask stands out above the rest, since you are the birthday girl.

It may be easier if you supply everyone with a mask, so that you know for sure that everyone will be wearing one, which makes the party more fun. You will also know exactly what the masks will look like so you could get one that tops the rest!

If you are on a budget, you could always have everyone make their own mask when they first attend the party. You could use cardboard or even Paper Mache. You could make the masks out of Paper Mache yourself before the party begins and have your guests decorate them upon arrival. This is cheap, fun and easy!

You can look around online for the masquerade masks as well. You should be able to find great discounts, especially if you buy these masks in bulk quantity.

Elegant Sweet 16 Theme Party Food

The party food really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Catering is for convenience, and if it is in your budget, then go for it! Hotels and banquet halls also do dinner deals that can be included in the room cost, but this can get very expensive. So here are a few yummy food prep tricks

If you want to make your own food for masquerade sweet 16 theme party, here are a few ideas. Go to a meat shop and buy little hoer d’ovoirs, spring rolls, and tiny chicken wings. These are delicious and elegant.

Make your own “gourmet” sandwiches. Cut them in quarters for yummy finger foods. Prepare Caesar and garden salads in large trays.

Make punches out of fruit juices served in large bowls.

If you make your own food for the ball, it shouldn’t be too bad on the wallet. You could also buy catering meals from restaurants or bistros to deliver you fruit platters, snacky finger foods and appealing desserts for your masquerade sweet 16 theme.

At your party you will need:

* Tables and chairs to seat your total number of guests

* Good lighting around the dance floor (White lights work well)

* Lots of colorful decorations (balloons, centerpieces, lights and confetti) Remember that a masquerade ball is all about color and vibrancy

Have fun!

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