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If you are in need for a great sweet 16 poem, you've come to the right place! This page has poems based on the sixteenth birthday of girls with beautiful, smart and caring qualities.

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* This poem is about celebrating fresh beginnings and change on a sweet 16 birthday.

On your birthday

Each year gives you a great new beginning in life
Filled with surprises, laughter and change

Every day there is a new opportunity that life wants you to grab
So try something that's daring and different
When you turn sixteen

Because this is the birthday you'll always remember
And sometimes a fresh start makes our wishes come true
Take a chance and have a happy sweet 16!

* This sweet sixteen poem describes the qualities of the birthday girl and how much her family cares for her.

We love you

You've won the hearts of everyone you've met
You've changed the lives of those you're around
Just from the smile on your face

Your love brings joy to the hearts of your family
And we want you to know we love you

On your sweet sixteen birthday
We hope that new and fantastic times
Come your way with new chances and beginnings

Your beautiful, smart, witty and funny
You have characteristics that everyone admires
You are truly a special person

Happy birthday sweetheart

* This sweet 16 poem is about everything that happens to a girl on her sixteenth birthday.

Sweet 16 is

Sweet 16 is the time in life
Where girls fall in love
And dream of being wives

Sweet 16 is the time of year
Where friends and family
Come together to joy and cheer

Sweet 16 is a time of change
When driving begins
With the starting age

Sweet 16 is the time of love
First kisses, dances
And new romances

Sweet 16 is the moment of truth
When girls mature
From there childish youths

Sweet 16 is an important day
When a special girl celebrates
Her coming of age


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