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 Sweet 16 Party Themes- What's better than a theme that suits your personality, style, and budget? You will find your theme here, and now!

You've found the largest headquarters for your milestone themes. Below is a huge range of fun and thoughtful themes, and if you think theres something we've missed, please share your own!

Sweet16 Party Themes are always fun to explore. But the big question is, what theme is right for you? Lets get down to business and find your perfect sweet 16 party theme! So first off, what are your hobbies and interests?

What do you and your friends like to do for fun? Do you like to dance or sing? Maybe you're into fashion and glam our. Or is nature home to you?

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The most important part of your sweet 16 should be the fun that you have. Parties are meant for great enjoyment. Below you will discover many themes which are unique, fun and will hopefully give you some inspiration during your party planning adventure. 

 You should absolutely consider your hobbies, interests, and unique personality when choosing your theme.

If so, why not base your sweet 16 party themes on your favorite activities!

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 Have fun and browse around these great sweet 16 party themes, each theme is totally unique from the next. Enjoy collecting ideas and don't forget to check out our party games page!

 We offer tons of great sweet 16 party themes for you to choose from. Your ideas are also very much appreciated!

New! Country Girl Theme

We have discovered that a country girl theme has really gained popularity. A barbecue, campout or nature walk would be suitable for the country girl. Outdoor games and photography can be done for some great nature oriented birthday pictures.

When decorating, be sure to use lots of pattern and pastels. Plad and paisley patterns are great, as well as jean fabric when decorating. Picnic tables can be set outside for your guests to sit, chat and enjoy. A country dance would also be very suitable for this theme!

Here is a tip for choosing a theme. Try to avoid recreating a party that somebody else you know has thrown. Een if you think you could make it better, it won't be as fun since it's already been done. Choose something to reflect your personality, and your interests.

Good luck from Sweet 16 Party! Enjoy these themes, and don't forget to share your own!

Our Sweet 16 Party Themes Hub...

Alice In Wonderland Theme

An Alice In Wonderland sweet sixteen theme is a great party for the imaginative, creative and those who love Disney and animated flicks. 

Super Model Party

Do you love to model, dress up and show off? Throw a top model theme party!

Anything But Clothes Party

An Anything But Clothes Party (ABC party) is a very fun and creative party where you basically create an outfit out of... anything! You can use garbage bags to make a dress, body paint, curtains or anything you could think of.

Sweet 16 April Fools

This theme doesn't specifically have to be an April Fools party, but it can be often fun to throw pranks on your friends, and in some cases, even the birthday girl herself.

Beach Party Theme

Get wet and wild with a sweet 16 beach party theme! There are several locations you can have your party at besides the beach, tons of games and water activities to play, great food and music and much more! 

Black and White Party

This was one of my first party ideas that came to me back when I first created this website as a teenager. It's a great classic.

Black Light Party

For a unique and FANTASTIC party, try a sweet 6teen black light party! A black light party is a dance party. The party should be in a room or house that is very dark, and each light that is on, must be a black light!

Sweet Sixteen Canada Day Party

Canadian EH?! Does your birthday fall uniquely fall on Canada Day? Well here is the perfect theme for you!

Super Sweet Candy Party

Make your birthday taste as sweet as it feels with a sweet 16 candy party! Loads of cool ideas for invitations, decorations, activities and food! Check out this cool sweet 16 candy party theme for some great ideas.

Caribbean Party

Do the limbo with all your friends at your sweet 16 Caribbean party! Play some cool reggae music and steel drums. Make your own pine trees for decoration. Use beach style invitations...

Dance Party

Dance the night away with the coolest party theme there is! Who doesn't love to dance? There are several dance themes to choose from, creative invitation ideas, loads of activities and much more! 

70's Party

DO you and your friends enjoy being random and silly? Or are you a hippie at heart? A Flower Power party might be the way to celebrate.

Glow In The Dark Party

Dance your sweet 16 birthday away with a glow in the dark party! Get some black lights and crank up the music, ask everyone to wear white so they glow! Buy glow sticks and glow paint for banners....

Sweet 16 Halloween Party

A sweet 16 Halloween party is one of the most easy and entertaining parties in existence! Base your party on a costume theme like super heroes and villains or James Bond. Play cool activities like re-enact a horror movie, make a mummy race, costume and dance contests..... 

Hawaiian Luau

Do the limbo at your sweet 16 Hawaiian Luau party! Compete against your friends in a hula contest. Dress up in Hawaiian style clothing and eat some fantastic dishes and fruity drinks... 

Hollywood Theme party

There are many sweet 16 ideas that are perfect for a Hollywood theme party. A Hollywood party is a fun, mature and chic sort of sweet 16 party theme.

Sweet 16 July in January

Warm up from the cold weather with a sweet 16 July in January party. Ask your guests to dress in summer clothing. Decorate your party like a beach, play tropical Mexican or Hawaiian music, have a hula contest!

Jungle Fever Party Theme

It's Hot, It's Tropic, and It's Feverish. "A Redbull Party Hit!" A Jungle Fever party theme for sweet sixteen is a very exotic and unique party. If you are one of those girls who loves animal print designs, and a safari like feel, this is the perfect party for you! 

Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras is one of the most famous celebrations in the world. Celebrate your sweet 16 birthday with this fabulous theme! Wear masks, beads and hats. Play jazz music at your Mardi Gras party, decorate with purple, green and gold colors.

Masquerade Ball Party

A Masquerade Ball Party is a cool sweet 16 theme. This is a formal affair, so the girls must wear a gown and the guys must wear a suit and tie; and most importantly everyone wears a masquerade mask to hide their identities...

Sweet 16 New Years Bash

It is a well known fact that new years is one of the worlds most spectacular holidays. Everyone has loads of fun and parties the night away. Celebrate your birthday with a new years theme that you'll never forget.

Night Club Theme Party

A super sweet sixteen night club party is one of my personal favorite sweet 16 party themes! The dark and glowing night club feel, colorful strobe lights hitting the dance floor, glowing in the dark; what’s there not to love?

Sweet Sixteen Slumber Party

Have an awesome slumber party with all of your your closest girls! Or have a small slumber party in a hotel room! Great late night snacks ideas, movies, music, food and more!

Spa Party

A spa party for your sweet 16 is a relaxing and rejuvenating way to kick start your new age. This is such a fun and simple party theme that you can do so much with!

Go green with a sweet 16 St. Patrick's Day theme party! Great decorating tips, food ideas, and activities for your perfect celebration. Cheers!

Surprise Party

One of the greatest sweet sixteen party themes you can ever throw is a surprise party. This page is dedicated exclusively to mom and dad, or friends and relatives of the sweet 16 girl. 

 Toga Party

Of all sweet 16 birthday party ideas, a toga party is my favorite theme for the warmer seasons of the year. Toga parties are fun to have, and easy to throw!

Sweet 16 Valentines Party

Share the love and romance with your family and friends with a sweet 16 Valentines party. Great decorating ideas, cool snacks, activities, dances and more...

Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland sweet 16 party theme is a fun and unique way of celebrating your sixteenth birthday. Have a ball (literally), decorate using as much white as possible, tons of snowflakes and balloons. Make a snowman family with all your friends, and give out some super cute invitations...

Hope you enjoyed!

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Throwing a sweet 16 party is not meant to be painstaking, it is supposed to be an enjoyable and bondable milestone. With all of the above themes, you are bound o find a wonderful  idea that will suit your style. Please check out the rest of the website for more unique and exciting ideas to make your party a hit!