Black and White Sweet 16 Party Theme

A black and white sweet 16 party theme is great for larger parties, formal parties, or just plain black and white decorated parties!

This party theme is very new, and very creative. I was given the initial idea from a nice mom named Ginette. So I thank her for letting me use this idea on sweet 16 party ideas!

This black and white theme is the very first formal party to enter this site. Formal or semi-formal parties require a proper dress code, good organization, and great desserts! For a black and white party, the dress code should be strictly black and white. The party can really be either formal, or semi-formal.

Construct your very own black and white party invitations, using black paper and white pencil crayons, or white paper and black designs. You could make a rule for fun that all gifts must be wrapped in black or white paper.

Well lets start the ideas off with the desserts.

Delicious Desserts

Since this is a formal black and white sweet 16 party theme, there is nothing wrong with putting out a couple fondue fountains. They are gorgeous to look at and very delicious! You can get one fondue fountain that pours out dark chocolate, and another fountain that pours out white chocolate!

Cupcakes are delicious at parties, and to go with the whole black and white party theme, you can make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

The birthday cake could be done in the same fashion, black and white, very dark chocolate frosting, with whipped cream swirls, or really whatever you’d like. You can serve marble cheesecake with black and white swirls as a second dessert.

Sit coffee and cream on all of the tables, for some black and white beverages. Coffee is also fantastic to drink with dessert. Just make sure that the kids are allowed to drink coffee.

Gifts and Favors for Your Guests

To stick to the black and white sweet 16 party theme, give your guests black and white gifts!

Why not purchase fake white roses at the dollar store or any craft shop. Spray paint half of the roses black. These would be the gifts who attend the party.

Give the guys a pair of black sunglasses from the dollar store. For some reason guys always love sunglasses with their suits. These are inexpensive gifts, and something everyone would probably love.

Fun Games and Activities

Why not a murder mystery game to kick off the black and white sweet 16 party theme! Something like clue, each person at the party gets assigned a character, either from the clue cast, or a made up character if the party is larger, and one person is secretly the murderer, and each player must find clues to discover the murderer.

The winner gets a prize of course for their trouble. And the best part is, the game will keep everyone involved very entertained, and know body would get muddy.

You could give out little tickets, with numbers that enter a draw to win cool prizes and such before or after the meal. You could put the ticket in the invitation or just hand them out to whoever shows up for the party.

you could also conjure up some sort of trivia game of questions that teens are interested in, like who sang this song, what was this rapper in the 80's, what's Hana Montanas real name, pretty much any easy trivial questions that would keep everyone interested. You can keep score for prizes or just play for fun.

You can make a little dance area in the backyard for later in the day, teens tend to love dancing, and you could have the first dance as the slow dance for the birthday girl with her father or boyfriend. Shining black lights down would also give a very cool effect on the dancers clothing.

Decorating For Your Sweet 16 Party Theme

Decorating for your black and white sweet 16 party theme is fun and exciting. You can buy most of your decorations at the dollar store, and since it's a black and white party, why not pick up some black and white balloons, streamers and tablecloths. If the party goes on into the night, you can get glow sticks, and the white balloons will reflect nicely into the night.

White candles would be beautiful on the tables also, and maybe sit some of the black and white roses you pick up in little vases for centerpieces.

Black lights would also be excellent for an indoor party, when the evening is near, or you can wrap the windows with black curtains or even garbage bags to keep the party area a little darker.

Well that’s all for now folks. Have fun and don’t forget to check out all of the other sweet 16 party themes. Enjoy these ideas for your next party!

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