Who Else Wants the Best Sweet 16 Party Supplies?

Searching for the right sweet 16 party supplies is important. Party supplies really help you to organize your party planning by choosing your party theme before anything!

A budget is the first part of planning which supplies you need. Planning for how many guests you will have is another important part. Thirdly, you will want to decide whether you will be having a party theme before purchasing your supplies.

Begin with the sweet 16 party themes. You will want to choose your supplies to match your chosen party theme. Be sure to choose the right colors to match the theme. Check out the many Sweet 16 Party Themes we have to offer on this site.

What kind of theme do you want to have? If you are throwing a glow in the dark party, you will want to budget for party supplies from a specialty store. If you want something simple, you can find supplies at your local bargain shop.

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Make sure to use as many glow in the dark sweet 16 party supplies as possible.

Just For Fun Supplies:

 - Glow Sticks are a classic along with sparklers if you are outdoors.

 - Glow in the dark costume jewellery

 - Glow in the dark makeup

Other Important Supplies:

You can buy glow ropes at any local party shop. Glow ropes and glow in the dark necklaces are all made to connect to each other, so you can wrap these around your tables, chairs, the dance floor, etc.

Make sure that the room is dark enough to see the glow supplies. As I said in an earlier page, highlighters are great for glow in the dark. If you can get your hands on some old white t shirts for the guests to wear, they can draw on their own shirts and sign their friends like a guest book!

The glow ropes and necklaces easily connect together and you can string them along tables, armchairs and stair rails. This adds decorative atmosphere and extra light to a party. White balloons and streamers are also very important sweet 16 party supplies for a glow type party

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You can choose anything between fancy ballroom style themes to simple themes that are easy on the wallet. Choose your favorite interest, color and hobby for your theme!

A Super Sweet Idea:

 Place a disposable camera at each table at your sweet 16 party. This will give the guests the chance to take loads of pictures for you!

Decorating with Sweet 16 Party Supplies:

Sweet sixteen decorations will range from your party theme and budget. Listed are few of the most popular and important decoration supplies you will probably need:

-  Lots of Balloons

-  Shiny Streamers

- Colourful Confetti

-  Sweet 16 Tiaras

Looking for more ideas? This is nothing! Check out our awesome sweet sixteen decorations we have to offer you. Decorations range from party styles, size, and themes. Decorating for you birthday party is a fun part, but is one of the last parts of planning for your party.

Party favors are great to give to the guests at the end of the party, and are very important for your sweet 16 party supplies shopping list. Party favors really don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to buy, just remember they are fun little items to give to the guests.

Check out some of our great Sweet Sixteen Party Favors we have here! You have many unique ideas to choose from. We offer personalized party favor ideas, favors just for girls and others for the guys, as well as party favor bags for under 9 dollars!

Party Invitations are an Important Part...

Obviously sweet 16 party invitations are super important for this celebration! Inviting people by word just doesn’t do the trick, and everyone wants a cool news unique idea for invitations that are creative and inexpensive.

Check out our Sweet 16 Party Invitations which include homemade invitation ideas, and free video instructions to make awesome invitations for your sweet 16 party supplies!

The trends are all about social media now, but it is so sweet to actually hand out real invitations as well as creating a Facebook Invite. I would recommend handing out actual invitations because it will make your celebration even more memorable.

Sweet 16 Centerpieces

Finding the perfect sweet 16 centerpiece for your table is a very important task. Centerpieces help to create a mood and theme for your party, whether it be a formal or casual attire.

There are flower centerpieces, candle, tiara, candy centerpieces and so many more to choose from! Check out our Sweet 16 Centerpiece ideas to be inspired.
So remember as you choose your sweet 16 party supplies for this special event, consider the theme, colors, party favors and the important little things!

Make a list of what you want before you go out shopping. I have found that when I do not make a list before hand, the party supplies don’t really match the theme, and sometimes makes the entire plan of the party less organized. Best of luck to you, and Contact Me if you have any ideas of your own that you would like shared on the site!

Have a fabulous party by remembering the fundamentals of planning fro which party supplies you need. Consider your theme, party size, venue, and amount of guests!

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