Sweet 16 Indoor Party Games

Amazing sweet 16 indoor party games for every girls interest!

Sweet 16 party ideas has dedicated a great amount of time and interest into some great sweet 16 indoor party games.

Not everyone has a big backyard to have water fights and big obstacle courses in, nor does everyone have their sweet 16 birthday in the warm season!

So this section has been managed by alphabetical order. Enjoy these fun indoor games to play at your party!

A.B.C Game

Sweet 16 indoor party games are fun to get everyone involved in. This is a great ice breaker game for any type of teen to play.

To start, have everyone sit in a circle. Get someone to be the first player and go clockwise through the circle. Player one must say a random word that starts with the letter A.

The person beside them must repeat that word and say a word that begins with the letter B.

The person beside B must repeat A and B and say a word that starts with C. Anyone who gets a word wrong is out.

Play the game until you find a winner. This game gets pretty hilarious as it goes.

Fashion Fienza

Grab loads of old and funny looking clothes. You can find some silly outfits from from:

* Mom or dad
* Friends
* The thrift store

Each player must try to create a cool outfit out of what they've got. Each contestant must strut their stuff in a fashion show style. Find a judge and hand out a crown!

Gender Bender

This is a fun game if you have guys and girls at your party. Dress the guys as girls, and dress the girls as guys!

Nominate the "cutest couple" according to their new gender looks. This is a very cool an interesting ideas for sweet 16 indoor party games. You will definitely need a camera!

Ice Melter

Pick up two large ice blocks from your local convenience store, or find 2 empty pop bottles and freeze water in them until you have two large ice blocks. Divide your party into two teams, giving each team no tools to use.

The object of this indoor party game is for the teams to race to melt down their ice block in the fastest time. Each team have 5 minutes to complete the task.

Try to play this game in a room without carpeting and lots of space like the kitchen or dining room. Judge which team melted their ice block down the most.

Mummy Wrap Race

Sort your party into groups of 2. You will need to purchase tons of toilet paper. You can get some rolls for pretty cheap in large bulks. One person on each team must wrap the other with as much toilet paper as humanly possible.

The best and most wrapped mummy wins. Each team has 2 minutes to complete the task.

Pump up the Muscles

Grab a few extra large t-shirts or sweaters, depending on how many teams your party requires,around 4 people per team. Give each team a pack of deflated balloons.

Each team will choose one person to be their muscle man/woman. The remaining three players must blow up their balloons as fast as they can and stuff them up their players shirt.

Each team has 5 minutes to make the most muscular person they can. When the time runs up, each new body builder must strut across the room and model their new figure.

A judge or judges is also required. The winning team of this sweet 16 indoor party game receives a prize!

Team story

If you are in need for some indoor games for small groups, this is a great activity. Each player must write one sentence without reading the others.

Once everyone has written their sequence to this goofy story, read it out loud for everyone to hear!


Get your friends to all sit in a circle. Someone will start by whispering some sort of silly sentence into the ear of the person beside them.

This sentence will go around from ear to ear and the last person must say it out loud.

TIP: Spice up the game a bit by making everyone eat popcorn when it's their turn to whisper.

Hope your getting a few ideas for sweet 16 indoor party games! More will come soon.

Have a BLAST!

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