Find Unique and Fun Sweet 16 Ideas Here! Hollywood and Upscale Themes, Tips and Tricks!

Sweet 16 ideas are exceptionally special when they feel upscale and elite. PLUS, who doesn't love getting dressed up for a special occasion?

Here I will show you how to throw a Hollywood theme sweet 16, or even just an upscale party.

There are many sweet 16 ideas that are perfect for a Hollywood theme party. A Hollywood party is a fun, mature and chic sort of sweet 16 party theme. Some of the most popular parts of this party theme include:

* The Red Carpet

* Photo Shoot Opportunities

* Award Ceremonies

* Fun Fashion and Glamour

A very great sweet 16 party ideas idea for a Hollywood party is to rent a limo! You can arrange to pick up some or all of your guests in a limo, which will give you and your friends the chance to ride around town in style, and get dropped off at the party right in front of the red carpet!

If you can get a hold of a few cameras, have a few people stand along the sides of the red carpet to take pictures of the party guests getting out of the limo if you rent one, and walk down the red carpet! If you have Polaroid cameras, you can take photos of every guest. At the end of the party, you can give each guest a picture of them walking down the red carpet, or you can just email or send them out when they are developed.

To host an upscale party, you want to make sure that your guests are prepared to dress up for the occasion. All of the small things count. Invitations should look upscale and clearly define the style of the party.

The invitations that you send your party guests could be very elegant and formal, fun and star shaped, or VIP style passes.

In the invitations, you should let your guests know that this is a red carpet event, so formal attire should be considered. You can make up fun requests like asking your guests to dress like celebrities, rock stars or famous supermodels. Let your guests know where the event will take place, what time to arrive, or if they will receive a ride to the party.

If you make VIP pass invitations, you can have a bouncer stand by the door with a VIP name list just for fun. There are many more sweet 16 ideas for invitations on our Sweet 16 Party Invitations page.

Activities & Sweet 16 Ideas

A great activity for a Hollywood theme party is a celebrity lookalike contest!

If you plan on requesting your guests to dress like celebrities, you can have a great game of this that will make your sweet sixteen party very memorable. You can have a game as simple as who looks the most like a certain celebrity, or as big as having your guests portray the personalities of the celebs throughout the entire party.

You can also have a game of movie star trivia, where you write down several celebrity trivia questions, and have the guests compete for an award!

You also can set up a dance floor and bust a rug to the coolest jams.

When the guests give out their gifts to the birthday girl, have each guest go up and make a speech before they give the present away. This would resemble an academy award speech!

Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

There are many sweet 16 ideas for Hollywood party favors. A fantastic favor for a Hollywood theme would be classic Hollywood DVDs. You can find classic DVDs on sale just about anywhere. Pick up the guys some classic action movies and the girls a well known famous chick flick.

You can also pick up loot bag purses for the girls, stuffed with makeup and jewelery. For the guys, why not get them each a pair of sunglasses and axe body spray. You can also buy glow sticks and glow in the dark jewelery for the party if it is held at night.

Check out Sweet Sixteen Party Favors for more great sweet 16 ideas.


Decorations are fun and pretty easy to set up for a sweet 16 party Hollywood party. Check out these great decoration ideas.

The red carpet is one of the most important decorations of the party. You can get a long red carpet which leads from the driveway to the front door of the party. I would recommend a carpet which is at least 5 feet long.

Walk of Fame

Create a walk of fame inside of the party, by cutting out large stars out of Bristol board and taping them to the floor. You can put the names of every guest in the stars, or you can use famous celebrity names, but don’t forget to include the birthday girls’!

The Famous Hollywood Sign

Make your own Hollywood sign by cutting out the word HOLLYWOOD letter by letter from white Bristol board. You can tape the letters right on the wall! You can even use green table cloths and put them behind the letters to resemble the hills that the Hollywood sign sits on.

Director’s Chairs

Rent or buy some Hollywood directors chairs, or just one special directors chair for the birthday girl.

Press Area

Make a press area with a red rope and have all of the guests take out there camera phones and snap shots of the birthday girl like the paparazzi would. This will give the birthday girl a moment in the spotlight and she will surely feel important.

Elegant Tables

Make the tables very elegant and chic for the serving of food. Great colors to use are white, red and black. Fancy napkins and shiny glasses create a very elegant vision for your table setting.

Movie Posters

Most teens already have TONS of movie posters. So why not decorate the walls with the birthday girls’ movie posters! These are excellent decorations for Hollywood Theme sweet 16 ideas! You can also find posters for very cheap at any music store, Walmart, or Zellers.

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