Sweet 16 Hawaiian Luau Party


A sweet 16 Hawaiian luau party theme is a great way to start off the warm season! Luaus are huge tourist attractions in Hawaii. So why not base your sweet sixteen party on something everyone will enjoy!

Grab your sunscreen... we are about to prepare fantastic party!

Luaus are usually held in backyards under tents or gazebos. But you can also have a great party at:

* The Beach
* Dance club
* Or at home

If you decide to have your sweet 16 hawaiian luau party outside, grab some tiki torches or even solar lights. Solar lights are incredibly affordable and awesome to have year round.

Sweet 16 party ideas has loads of awesome ideas for a hawaiian luau. If you have a tent or gazebo, decorate the poles with long leaf vines and colorful ceramic flowers.

Decorate your Hawaiian luau with tons of colorful flowers and grass. Grab some green plastic table cloths and cut the edges in strips for a grassy look on your tables. Decorate you tables with tons of leaves and flowers.

Palm trees are sold at most flower shops or garden centers. You can also buy blow up palm trees for very cheap and joke shops or party stores.

Besides colorful balloons, flowers and streamers, get a bunch of blow up beach balls to throw around your sweet 16 Hawaiian luau theme party!

Tape a large map of Hawaii on your front door with a big star on your party's "destination".

Make your sweet 16 Hawaiian luau party invitations creative and unique. Cut your invitations in the shape of a flower or a hula skirt. Use loads of color and texture. Glue ceramic to your invitations, or even glue a flower on the back!

When you write your invitations, splash in some Hawaiian words such as:

* La hanau (birthday)
* Nani (Beautiful)
* Hula (Dance)
* Pua (Flower)
* Hoaloha (Friend)

Encourage your guests to wear clothing of a Hawaiian theme. Colorful shirts or skirts and flip flop sandals.

Tropical drinks are a big thing to have! Tropical fruit smoothies are delicious. Have pineapple juice, mango juice, and fruit punch available as well.

Put slices of pineapple and lemon on drink cups to add a Hawaiian feel for everyone.

Hawaiian luau feasts usually consist of pork, rice, fresh fruit, and sweet potatoes. But it is always nice to have a barbecue of chicken, steak and ribs! Have fresh salads available and tons of tropical fruit platters.

If you want to go with a simple meal for the party, get some Hawaiian pizza!

Make sure that Hawaiian music or Hawaiian-reggae style music is played. Have hula hoop contests for your friends. Many hula hoops are important. Make sure you have enough for every guest!

Don't forget to have a limbo contest and a conga dance!

If possible, bring someone in to give your party some professional hula lessons.

This is great entertainment and a fun learning experience for everyone.

Grab some Silk Lei's from your local dollar store or party supply store. Most party supply stores also sell grass skirts of various colors.

Grab some fun straw hats and glue some fresh fruit or ceramic fruit to the hats.

Find some big colorful sunglasses for fun dress up. Rattles and noise makers are also important for a sweet 16 Hawaiian luau.

Have small flower pieces or flower bobby pins at hand for your guests to wear behind their ears. Make sure your guests wear their flowers correctly. A flower behind your left ear means your married. A flower on your right ear means your single!

Most 16 year old girls are not married, so make sure your friends know this sacred rule.

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