Sweet 16 Halloween Party


A sweet 16 Halloween party is one of the most easy and creative parties you can have. There are countless Halloween party ideas for awesome:

* Costumes
* Decorations
* Activities
* Food
* Invitations

So let's begin with with your perfect costume theme!

Now since this is a sweet 16 Halloween party, you really don't need any special theme if you don't want one. But if you want to be a little different from the average costume party here are a few ideas to get your party going.

Super Heroes and Villains

Dress up as your favorite super hero. A few popular ones are:

* Cat woman
* Wonder woman
* Superman
* Sailor Moon
* Zelda the warrior princess

There are countless classic characters you can chose from, or even create your own! Go to your local thrift store and pick up some colorful spandex tights, a cape and a cool tight outfit to wear. Draw the capital letter of your name on your cape and front.

Or dress as your favorite villain to your party like:

* Captain Hook
* The Joker
* Freddy Kruegar
* Michael Myers
* Devil

Have fun with finding your perfect villain costume. Villains are very fun to dress up as because you can get creative with fake weapons, horns and masks.

James Bond Theme

Have the guys at your sweet 16 Halloween party dress in black and white suits with suspenders or bow ties. Supply them with black toy guns and top hats.

Have the girls dress up in dazzling party gowns and high heel shoes.

Famous Couples Throughout History

* Romeo and Juliet
* Batman and Catwoman
* Cinderella and Prince Charming
* Pebbles and Bambam
* Barbie and Ken

Have everyone at your party partner up for their chosen theme. Couples and friends must all partner up for this party to work. Let your friends get as creative as they want to as long as they follow the dress policy rules.

Vampires and witches

This is a straight forward costume theme. Have the ladies at your party dress as beautiful or hideous witches. Ask the men to dress as charming vampires.


If your party is smaller in size, a clue party theme would be perfect for you. There would be generally 6 to 8 people attending your party. The characters you can assign are:

* Mrs. Peacock
* Mrs. White
* Professor Plum
* Mr. Green
* Col. Mustard
* Miss Scarlett
* The Cop

Assign one of your friends to be the murderer of the house owner. As your party goes forth, your guests will have to try to figure out which one is the murderer. This theme can be very entertaining for a few hours.

Have a costume contest at some point during your party. Have prizes available for the winner and small prizes like goody bag Halloween treats for the contestants. This is a very fun activity for a sweet 16 Halloween party.

sweet 16 halloween party

Well I hope this has helped you to find the perfect costume theme for your sweet 16 Halloween party. Just remember to be creative and make sure that everyone has a good time.

Now lets get your brain loaded with cool decorating ideas for your sweet 16.

Well let's start with the obvious. Black and orange balloons and streamers. red is also a great color for your sweet 16 Halloween party.

Besides store bought streamers you can cut out some black garbage bags into strips and hang them up around your party. This creates a shiny black look.

Replace the lights in your home or party location with black, red or orange lights. This will give a cool haunted look to your party.

Make some tombstones out of old useless boxes. Write RIP on each tombstone with the name of a famous ghost, villain or haunting deceased author.

Place some lit up jackelanterns around your party. You can also get some plastic skeletons from any party shop to hang up. Cobwebs are also very important to have at your party. Stick them everywhere. You can get these from the dollar store.

At periods where you don't have music blasting through your party, play some light haunting sound effects. You can get c.d.'s pretty much anywhere or make your own spooky sounds through a recording device.

candles are also cool to have at your party. Make sure that if you have them lit, keep them in safe places where there won't be any accidents. If you are worried you can buy fake candles at your local dollar store for a buck a piece. They look exactly like real candles but the flame is really a small light-bulb.

If you are allowed to, get a fog machine for your parties dance floor. Glow-sticks and other glow in the dark accessories are also awesome to have for this sort of theme.

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Activities are a must have at your sweet sixteen Halloween party.

Some cool activity ideas include:

* Face paintings
* Make a mummy race
* Re-enact a Horror Movie
* Pumpkin Carving Contest

These activities can become a little messy so make sure that your friends and your parents are cool with the activities before you decide to do them.

You can also:

* Apple Bob for prizes
* Watch scary movies
* Build a Haunted House
* Play spooky Pranks on your friends

Now Halloween party food is very easy to prepare.

Make some spaghetti! It yummy and inexpensive to buy and you can make loads for everyone! The red sauce and wormy pasta is a great meal to fit this celebration.

Make some tomato soup and call it blood.

Make small sandwiches and cut them into tombstone shapes.

Basically any food that is black, orange or red is great for your sweet 16 Halloween party. Snacks like carrots, pumpkin seeds and oranges are great to have out to snack on.

Candy and chocolate is also very important for a Halloween party. Buy some gummy eyeballs, worms and vampire teeth for your guests to snack on. Mix a little red food coloring with melted butter and pour it on some popcorn.

Serve black and orange drinks like cola and orange crush. Orange Juice and smoothies are also cool to have. Buy some tiny plastic glasses from your local dollar store and put orange and black jello inside with a little whip cream on top.

Along with your birthday cake, serve pumpkin pie and tiger ice cream to your friends who want it.

Get creative with your party invitations!

Around this season many stores will sell halloween party invitations for very cheap. But you can also make your own. Create your own invitations buy cutting out shapes like:

* Haunted houses
* Ghosts
* Pumpkins
* Black Cats

Write with red or black ink some spooky messages on your invitations. Make sure that the rules, party location and date are clearly stated on each invitation

Have a spook-tabular sweet 16 Halloween party!

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