Your Sweet 16 Girl Ideas

You are the sweet 16 girl, so feel free to share your ideas!

Sweet 16 party planning takes a lot of preparation, motivation, and cool ideas. At sweet 16 party, we thrive on giving answers and advice for your party questions. But we also love your input and creative ideas!

If you are planning a sweet 16 birthday party, and have loads of ideas to share with us, please tell us about them!

If you are the parent, relative or best friend who is planning a sweet 16 birthday party, or who has thrown one, tell us your secrets!

By sharing your story or plans you are helping thousands of girls find their dream party. So share your thoughts, interests, hopes and dreams with us! We can be confidential or we can post your ideas up right away if you wish.

If you have photos which you would like to share, tell us about them and we will share our email information to receive them.

So show off your party planning skills, and we will post them up to share! Being a sweet 16 girl is very fun, especially when you get to help someone else plan a great party!

Let me share with you my sweet 16 experience.

A large group of my high school friends had been planning a surprise party for me for a month. I really had no clue. The few days before my birthday, all of my friends were avoiding me! Of course I didn’t understand why.

Well the day came that was my sweet 16, and know body called. My best friend came over to invite me to her brothers’ house to watch some cool movie I had wanted to see. Of course it was raining outside and neither of us thought to bring an umbrella. So drenched we wandered to his house but the lights were out! I didn’t understand this one bit. She told me he had gone out for lunch with a friend and would be back later.

So in we went into this pitch black spooky looking house, with windows draped by black curtains and what appeared to be black garbage bags. The second my friend turned the lights on, 15 people jumped out from hiding screaming “Happy Birthday!”. I was shocked, I was drenched, and it was the coolest party I had ever seen.

This party was decorated with all black decor, the theory was that I wouldn’t notice the decorations when the lights were off, and out came the glow sticks! The party was great, it even had a little dance floor. My friends baked me a cake which said “Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Girl” and we all had an incredible time. Since then I have loved birthday parties, and have planned several parties for several friends and relatives.

So now it’s your turn to shine! Be the sweet 16 girl and tell us about your party experiences and ideas!

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