The Coolest Sweet 16 Gift Ideas Available!


Sweet 16 gift ideas are sought after every minute of the day.Someone is always looking for new, cool and unique sweet sixteen gift idea for their friend or relatives special day. So here are some of the top and most popular sweet sixteen gift ideas available!

sweet 16 gift ideas

The first thing to consider is the birthday girls’ hobbies and interests. Does she enjoy sports? Is she a cheerleader at school? Maybe she’s into the arts and music. Consider what she loves, and make a sweet 16 party theme out of these cool gift ideas.

So check out these ideas, and if you have some cool ideas of your own that you haven’t seen and want to share with the world, contact me!

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Searching for the perfect sweet sixteen gift ideas is sometimes quite tricky to do. You want to find the birthday girl something she will appreciate and love. And sometimes it’s hard finding that perfect gift that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars.

Sweet16 Kit

Create a sweet16 kit for the birthday girl! You can start this idea off with planning 16 things to pick up that she enjoys. If you can’t think of things to put in the box, why not pick her up some beauty products? These can include candles, lotions, makeup and jewelery.

You can also get her chocolates or candies wrapped with her picture on them (you can get these done for cheap online). If she has a hobby, you can get her stuff that she can use for it.

I would recommend putting these things in a box since this is a sweet 16 kit. You can decorate the box by covering it with pictures of her and yourself. You can also glue magazine pictures to the box in a collage like style for unique sweet 16 gift ideas.

Money Tree

Find a branch and bare it from leaves. Decorate it with cute bows anything you can think of to give it a cute look. Literally tape bills of cash to each branch and stick it in a small flower pot. You could fill the pot with actual soil, or even candies. Paint the branch if you want to give your sweet sixteen gift an extra touch.

Spa Gifts

Why not set her up with a manicure/ pedicure appointment? You can get her a gift certificate to a local spa! You can even buy spa production like nail polish, lotions and face masks! You can also throw a Sweet 16 Spa Party! Check out the great ideas for a spa theme, and get more ideas for spa gift ideas.

Beauty Products

You can find organic makeup at any health food store that is actually harmless to the skin and not tested on animals! Along with that you can find organic body lotions and shampoos that are great for you.

Something She Has Wanted to Learn

Start her in drivers ed for her birthday! Since a sweet 16 birthday is a celebration of coming of age, why not start her off on the right path to the feeling of freedom! Or even something she has always been interested in, such as dance or singing lessons. These are awesome sweet 16 gift ideas.


Every girl loves cool new electronics. They are a little bit pricy, but they are very much loved gifts. Here are a few cool ideas.

* Cell phone

* I pod

* Laptop

* Digital camera

Things she loves

If she has a favorite band or artist who is coming to town, why not get her some concert tickets for her and her best friends?

Or if she loves a certain book or magazine, order her a monthly subscription so she gets the books or magazine every month!


Jewelery is most girl’s best friend, this is a given. So why not get her a charm, pendant or a piece with her birthstone in it for her sweet 16 gift ideas.

You can also get engravings on jewelery like on bracelets and rings. She will forever cherish this gift.

Clothes, Gift Certificates

You can always pick her up that shirt she has been eyeing at her favorite store, or even a gift certificate! You can never go wrong with a gift certificate because she can choose the gift herself!

Sweet16 Crossword or word search

If you are feeling creative, why not make her a cross word puzzle or word search with special inside jokes and sweet memories. You can make these by hand for a special touch or you can get the computer out and make it rather quickly!

Have fun with these sweet 16 gift ideas!

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