Sweet 16 Entrance

by Amy

Hello , My name is Amy.

I want to have a nice entrance but im not sure how to organize it.

I mean I have my court of people and everything, but I am not sure because I really want my entrance to be big.

But the thing with that is my party isn't going to be really formal, seeing that I am from the Caribbean.

Mostly for my party the first part will be formal and the second part is dancing.

Also what are some games that I can do at my party?

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Grand entrance !
by: Anonymous

You can walk in lip singing with (preferably) a guy and do a duet but LIP singing not actual singing . Its cute and different !For example you can do the song "Can I have this dance" from highschool musical lol ;)

by: Anonymous

Well, since i have put together a couple of sweet 16's here's an idea:

Your theme: Caribbean? You can use the pirates of the Caribbean as the setting and you can come in one of two ways.

Either on a sea horse, or in a treasure chest and one of the mc's opens the chest in an event that involves everyone..

Call it Search for Amy's Treasure..Have a couple of palm trees (you rent) and a big "x" on the floor... make it theatrical..it takes a couple of minutes and mom and dad discovery YOU!

Their treasure! they then present you to the family and group.. use sounds from the ocean and seagulls then lead into your first dance..

Hope you can see this.. enjoy your special day!

Entrance Ideas
by: Tiff- Admin

Hi Amy!

For an entrance there are loads of things that you can do. Whether your party is formal or not, you can do just about anything.

You can have a choreography set up dance entrance, where you hire a choreographer to teach you and a crew to do some cool moves to make a big entrance into your party.

You can rent a limo and enter the scene red carpet style, with your friends on the sidelines waiting to take pictures like the paparazzi.

You can enter the party wearing something extremely glamorous, with an announcement of your arrival being made.

You can arrive to your party on a throne, or being carried in by a hired staff.

You can arrange for someone to have your guests wait in anticipation on the sides of the entrance way while you enter your sweet 16 party.

You can enter by running in to the party and busting a move on the dance floor right away!

Be creative and think outside the box. The more creative you get, the better the entrance will be!

Good luck.

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