Sweet 16 Dresses


Sweet 16 dresses are a very important part of your day. Finding the right dress that looks great and makes you stand out in the crowd can sometimes be a little tricky.

Finding the right dress for a party this special is a very important task. The best part is that it's really fun to do with the girls!

sweet 16 dresses

Whether it be a formal ball room dress, or a cute cocktail dress, we will give you great tips and tricks to find the perfect sweet sixteen gowns for you, and the best accessories to fit your style.

There are countless styles and designs of sweet 16 dresses out there. Here are some of the following styles of sleeve dresses:

* Strapless
* Spaghetti strap
* Halter style sweet sixteen gowns
* One strap dress

Sweet Sixteen Gowns

Finding the perfect sweet sixteen gowns is a very important part of the sweet 16 experience. Learn about the different and most popular sweet sixteen gowns out there and so much more!

You also have to choose from simple to elegant dresses. The dress should fit with the sweet 16 party theme as well.

So let’s talk about color!

Sweet 16 dresses come in all sorts of colors, shades and styles. Here are a few good tips for some of the more popular color dresses.

How to make a pink dress work for you!

Pink is typically the most popular color of sweet 16 dresses there are. You can really wear this great color to your advantage!

The first thing you will want to concentrate on is finding the perfect shade of pink to fit your skin complexion. Some girls can rock neon pink; others look great in a very soft pink dress.

Great colors to go with pink can include: black, white and brown. So when you choose your shoes, keep this in mind. If you can work the black stilettos, go for it! Black necklaces look fantastic with a pink dress as well.

If you are considering a very bright pink dress, I would recommend very neutral colors for accessories.

How to rock a red dress

Red sweet 16 dresses are popular and look fantastic on everyone and for every season! You may want to get a little fancier than usual with makeup. Why not try a lipstick that matches your dress color? Go a little lighter on the remainder of your makeup if you decide on this. This will put the focus on your dress and your lips.

Accessorize with silver or gold finishes, these two colors look fantastic with red. Use red to your advantage! Red looks great for every season.

Mellow With Yellow

Yellow is a fun dress color. There is not only so much you can do with yellow, but this is also a very stylish color to wear.

Contrasting a yellow dress with black jewelery, and shoes look fantastic. Also, blue accessories with a yellow dress really look great and stand out as well.

Throwing a blue belt around the waste of the pink dress looks really great. A long black bead necklace looks nice with a pink casual dress.

How to Accessorize Sweet 16 Dresses

Finding the right dress for you is the first step, and when you have found it, it’s time to accessorize! You will need to consider the right:

* Shoes
* Makeup
* Jewelery
* And Hair!

There are so many types of shoes to choose from to go with your sweet 16 dresses. You can go with high inch stilettos to wear with your cocktail style dress, or even ballerina style flat shoes!

Color is important as well. If your dress is bright, then go with a neutral color like black for shoes. If your dress is lighter, you can really choose any color or style for it. You can purchase ballerina style shoes or high heels for a ball room style dress.

As for jewelery, remember never to over accessorize, or else you will take away from your dress! Keep it simple and elegant! A nice pair of earrings and a matching necklace would do just fine!

Hair accessories are excellent for your cool hairstyle. Since it is your sweet 16, why not wear a sweet 16 tiara?

Make Your Sweet 16 Dresses Look Unique

Wear a necklace around your head! This is a trendy new look. Wrap the necklace around your head twice and it should sit comfortably.

Wearing a contrasting color of tights under your dress looks cool and great!

Long necklaces with more simple stylish dresses add something great to a dress. Experiment with color and beads.

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