Sweet 16 Dance


A sweet 16 dance is a fabulous way to celebrate this important milestone age. If you and your friends love to dance, socialize and just have fun; then this is a perfect activity to pursue at your party!

Sweet 16 Dance Party

A dance party is an awesome theme for every girls style! The music, the dark room, the atmosphere... what is there not to love?

Places To Host A Sweet 16 Dance:

sweet 16 dance

The location of your dance is important. You need to have a large enough dance floor for essentially all of your guests to dance on. Here is a list of great places to throw your dance:

* Hotel ballroom
* Party room in your local community center
* Party halls
* In the backyard
* A large space in the house (away from breakables)

Setting the Mood:

Setting the mood at the dance is very important. Every dramatic effect really contributes to the feel of the party, and the mood on the dance floor. Here are a few cool things that you can consider getting for your dance floor:

Spotlights- stage lighting is great for a sweet 16 dance. This is especially important for the father daughter dance or any other very special dances during your party.

Disco ball- A disco ball is great for dramatic effect on the dance floor! You’ll have several colors flowing down on you throughout the night. Many clubs use disco balls on their dance floors.

Strobe lights- Strobe lights have the effect of flashing freezing effects throughout the songs. It almost resembles when a camera is set to flash. It is great to have during fast dance songs where everyone is busting a move!

Fog machine- A fog machine basically gives out a fog effect on the dance floor. I’ve seen it on once dance floor before and it looks really neat.

Bubble party machine- A bubble party (also known as foam party) is a messy one, but so much fun! You would need a large pool around your dance floor, and a large bubble machine.

You will need a drainer in the floor for sure to avoid overflowing. The bubbles pour all over the dance floor every few minutes. T’s a lot of fun but would need constant adult supervision.

Make Space To Eat and Lounge:

Create a buffet table outside of the dance floor; add a table of beverages such as cold pop, smoothies, virgin drinks and juices.

Have chairs or stools available for your guests to take a break and lounge on. you can find bean bag chairs or blow-up chairs for cheap pretty much anywhere.


Music is probably the most important part of this party. So you will want to decide on what types of music to play. Here is a list of different types to consider at your sweet 16 dance:

* Dance music
* Slow songs
* Father daughter dance song
* Techno
* Hip hop
* You can also hire a dj, or a local band to play.

Dance Activities:

Here are a few popular dance activities to try out at your sweet 16 dance!

The limbo- The limbo is a dance that formed in the Caribbean. This is the dance where each person must dance under a horizontal pole, and at each turn the pole goes lower and lower. If you touch the pole, then you are out of the game. The last one dancing wins! A great song to play for this is “How low can you go?”

Macarana- The Macarana is a famous dance which everyone must partake in!

The conga- The conga is a dance which everyone at the party must link together in a line, hands to shoulders.

Party Tip: A great way to kick the guests out at the end of the night is to have everyone conga out the door. Don’t forget to lock the door behind them! =)

Decorate Your Dance Floor:

Decorating the look and feel of your dance floor is important! You can incorporate your party theme to your chosen decorations. If you don’t have a theme, just make it look beautiful!

Will it be formal, cocktail or casual?

Here are some good sweet 16 dance decorations to consider:

* Christmas lights- Make sure that they are all one color. Ex. All white or all pink.
* Streamers
* Balloons
* Flowers and centerpieces

* Canvas sign in- Go to an art supply store and pick up a large canvas. Grab a few colors of paints and paintbrush, some sharpies and pens and set them out for your guests. Inform the guests that they can sign in here, write little messages, quotes and draw pictures! This will make a great keep sake.

Enjoy these sweet 16 dance ideas!

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