Sweet 16 Dance Party


A sweet 16 dance party is an awesome theme for every girls style! The music, the dark room, the yummy non- alcoholic juices... what is there not to love?

There are loads of cool ideas for a dance theme so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Dance Party Themes:

There are many specific themes that you can have at your sweet 16 dance theme. Some cool ideas are:

Nightclub Dance Party:

Decorate your party area as a night club. The main focus of your party will be your dance floor. Some of the basics that you will need are:

* Black lights for a dark glowing feel
* A large space available to dance
* Good dance music
* A disco ball or strobe lights

Grab some bean bag chairs and colorful blow up couches and chairs for around your dance area for those who need some rest.

Prepare a bunch of yummy non- alcoholic beverages for your guests to drink throughout the party. Some Great drinks are:

* Shirley Temple
* Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
* Fruit Smoothies
* Milkshakes

Prepare foods that would normally be sold at nightclubs like:

* Chicken Wings
* Ribs
* Nachos
* Pizza

Dance Competition:

The main focus of a dance competition party is the dance floor. Hang all decorations over the dance floor and make sure that the dance floor is the largest area in your party. Make sure there are seats available around the dance floor for your guests.

You can have a dance competition with mom and dad as the judges, and those who lose cast votes for their favorite dancers. If you have the game Dance Dance Revolution, that would be something cool to bring out during the party.

Have small prizes available to all contestants and a cool prize for the winner. Make sure you have lots of prizes at your sweet 16 dance party. You can get cool little prizes at any dollar store.

Retro Dance Party:

A retro party would be a super cool dance theme. Pick your favorite decade like the 1960's or 70's and decorate in that fashion. Encourage guests to dress up for the specific era and play some cool retro music.

Have a costume party! Each guest must participate in modeling their chosen costume and the best costume wins a prize! Make sure your guests wear costumes that would associate with the sweet 16 dance party theme. They can be singers, dancers, musicians and tons more!

Country Dance Party:

This is a simple yet awesome party theme to have! Have the guys at your party dress up as cowboys and the girls wear the cowboy boots! Play country music throughout the night and have a country dancing contest.


Get creative with your sweet 16 dance party invitations! Here are a few unique invitation ideas you can use:

* Write invitations on c.d's of some of the songs that will be played at your party. You can also record yourself onto the cd explaining the party invitation information.

* Backstage or vip tickets are also awesome invitations that you can make for your guess. Use a word template on your own computer or make them by hand out of construction paper!

* Purchase some toy microphones from your local dollar store. Tie your invitations to the microphones.


Black lights are great for any sort of dance party. If you do decide to have black lights, get some glow in the dark jewelery for your guests and ask everyone to wear as much white as possible.

If you have posters of famous singers, pull them out and stick them on the walls around your dance floor. And grab some lava lamps and put them on tables around your sweet 16 dance party area!

Remember to try to keep furniture to a minimal. Have a few bean bag chairs or big blow up couches around for guests.

Hang balloons and streamers around your dance floor! Try to rent a disco ball and a fog machine for your dance floor as well. Hire a DJ or pull out the speakers and blast some great music.
Hang your old Christmas lights along walls, furniture and the ceiling for a cool and colorful effect!

sweet 16 dance party


Activities are important for an ultimate dance party to keep your guests rolling! Here are a few cool activities and contests you and your friends can play.

* Karaoke singing contest
* Dance competition
* Dance dance revolution
* Limbo
* Hoola contest
* Name that tune
* Fashion show

Try to bring in an instructor to teach your friends dance lessons. there are several kinds of dance you can learn. Lessons would be a very interesting experience for everyone at your sweet 16 dance party.


If you decide to have a slumber party with some of your girlfriends, end your night off with a few dance related movies like:

* Step Up 1 or 2
* Take the Lead
* Dirty Dancing
* Save the Last Dance

P.S. If you are interested in a sweet 16 dance party that is just a night in with the girls, you can have just as much fun but renting some videos with dance lessons!

Learn to dance with your girlfriends without the fear of looking silly doing the "wrong" moves.

Dance the night away!

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