Here is the Secret to Finding the Perfect Sweet 16 Centerpiece!

A sweet 16 centerpiece must be eye catching, applealing, and scene fitting. You cant your centerpiece to stand out as a focal point at the table, so it must not only flow with the décor, but also be brighter and more vivid than the rest of the decorations.

This is an essential decorating supply at a party with a dinner table, buffet setting, or party gift table. This will empathize the space and create a formal appealing look. Planning a party is all about the little details, and even if this seems like a small part of the deco, it is absolutely essential!

On this page you will find many fantastic ideas for the best centerpiece for your sweet 16 party. Different types of centerpieces will fit some birthday themes better than others, so please read on and enjoy!

Why Should You Choose A Floral Centerpiece?

The most beautiful, formal and popular centerpieces you can choose are flower centerpieces. All you really need are a few bouquets of flowers that match the theme, one bouquet for every table. For a formal party, why not use red and white roses? White roses symbolize purity, and red symbolizes love.

Pink and white flowered bouquets would also be great for your sweet 16 party. Imagine you were having a pink color theme. Your centerpieces will bloom beautiful pink flowers to symbolize your blooming of age.

Flower sweet 16 centerpieces are excellent. If you are on a budget, you can even purchase artificial flowers from any local dollar store for very cheap. They are beautiful, colorful and come in many varieties. Place your flowers in matching vases of your choice, and you have yourself many beautiful centerpieces!

The Romantic Roses and Candle Centerpieces

This is a simple an elegant centerpiece type. These are beautiful for formal or elegant themes, couples only parties, and really any romantic type of sweet 16 party theme. What you will need for each centerpiece are:

- 1 large glass vase

- 4 small vases or glasses

-  Artificial red or white roses

- 4 candles

- Small black or white stones

Fill each of the vases high up with your stones, placing about four to five roses in the large vases. In the small vases, place one candle in each, sitting them on the stones. Light up your candles and sit the large vase in the middle, with the small ones on each side of it. And there’s your sweet 16 centerpiece!

The Best Ways To Make A Delicious Candy Centerpiece

Putting several large lollipops in a vase filled with smaller candies is an excellent centerpiece. This is also great for a candy party theme, and for everyone to snack on.You can also make dishes of mixed candies such as:

- Jellybeans

- Cinnamon hearts

-  Skittles

- Colorful wrapped chocolates

Put them centerpiece on a glass mirror or a white cloth,sprinkling colorful confetti around the piece.

You can hold your centerpieces in large candy dishes or vases, but make sure that each centerpiece is very bright and colorful.

Make Your Own Fabulous Candle Centerpiece

Floating white candles are beautiful centerpieces for formal parties. You can put food coloring in the water to change its color to your party theme, and to make it unique.

Put floating candles in a large bowl with floating flower petals is also great for a centerpiece. Another great idea is to buy a few glass vases, and fill them up about a third with small fashionable stones or seashells. Pour water on top of the shells or stones and place flower petals in the water. Flower petals float and are safe to use near lit candles.

Next, stick a floating white candle in each vase and place the vase on top of a glass mirror or a doily. Place a few seashells or  river stones around your mirror or doily.

Immitation candles can also wor for these centerpieces if you are worried about the candles actually being lit. You can find battery operated candles at craft stores and most bargain stores.

Sweet 16 Tiara Centerpiece

Place a sweet 16 tiara in the center of every table, on top of a small mirror. The tierra will reflect and give a cool effect to every table. Tiaras are a big symbol to the sweet 16 experience. Using one as a centerpiece for each table would be a great way to show that this is a sweet 16 party!

Effortless Balloon Centerpieces

Purchase vases and several balloons attached to sticks. Make sure that the balloons match you parties color theme. Bundle the balloons together in each vase and use them as centerpieces! This is a great sweet 16 centerpiece idea that is cool and very inexpensive.

I would recommend haing a balloon centerpiece at a table where guests are not sitting, ie. a birthday present table or uffet table. The standing balloons may make it hard for friends to see each other at a dinner or social table setting.

Here Is A Method For Making Your Sweet 16 Centerpieces From Scratch

You can also get a bit more creative and make your sweet 16 centerpieces from scratch! Many stores cell wooden letter and number blocks.

You can purchase a few number 1’s and sixes, paint them the colors of your choice and write cute little quotes on the blocks. Place your blocks on an eye catching kind of material, much as a mirror or a doily, sprinkling flower petals and confetti around each.

You can stick a simple candle in your centerpiece so that it’s eye catching and everyone could read the quotes even when the room is dark.

Styrofoam Handmade Centerpieces:

Buy a few white Styrofoam blocks, a couple packs of pipe cleaners of your color preference and a few types of fake flowers of your choice. All you really need to do for this sweet 16 centerpiece is paint the Styrofoam block the color of your choice.

Using the pipe cleaners, conduct heart shapes using two pipe cleaners per heart, one for the stem, and the other for the heart shape. Stick your hearts in the Styrofoam block.

With the fake flowers that you purchased, cut off pieces, and stick them in the Styrofoam blocks. This should turn out beautifully. You can also buy numbered birthday candles and glue the candle numbers 16 to each centerpiece using a glue gun. Sit you centerpieces on a doily and your ready for your sweet 16 part ideasy!

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