Sweet 16 Candy Party


Have a sweet 16 candy party to sweeten up your special day. Every teenager in the world loves candy so why not have a delicious sweet 16 party?

Load your tables up with various kinds of candy, colorful soda, and lots of chocolate! Decorate your party with bright and cheerful colors and play some sweet games!

Sweet 16 Invitations can be made more fun and tasty than the average store bought pack. Buy some large colorful lollipops from any local candy shop and tie your invitation with a ribbon to each lollipop.

You can also make Smarties invitations by writing each invitation on pieces of plain paper and decorating the paper as you wish. Glue or tape your invitations to your packs of Smarties and make sure that the entire package is covered by your invitation. These invitations will captivate your friends from the sound your box of Smarties will make.

sweet 16 candy party

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You can also go with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme by buying a bunch of Hershey chocolate bars and gold wrapping paper.

Write on the front side of the paper "Hershey's chocolate bar. Look on the back to win." On the back announce that this is the winning ticket and write your invitation information legibly.

Decorate your sweet 16 candy party with soft cotton candy colors like pink, purple and blue. Hang balloons and streamers of these colors around the party area. Get some candy designed table cloths, plates and cups.

Make a big birthday banner out of an old plain white sheet or spray painted garbage bags. Make the birthday banner into a candy wrapper like smarties, skittles or a Hershey's chocolate bar.

Use large boxes and cut them out into shapes of lollipops and candy canes. Paint them accordingly and stick them around your sweet 16 candy party!

Make signs and post them near your party entrance with each saying something something like "Welcome to Candy Land" with an arrow or "Chocolate Factory Now Open."

Another great decorating idea is Pinatas! Buy not only one, but a whole bunch or Pinatas and hang them on your ceiling for more decoration. Don't forget to fill them with candy too!

Stick large lollipops and Twizzlers in vases with smaller colorful candies...attach helium balloons to strings and tie them around heavier candies in the vases

You can also buy miniature gum ball machines from any local toy store for an affordable price. Place each gum ball machine on a different table and fill with gum balls or other types of candies. This is a very sweet ideas for any sweet 16 candy party!

Food is easy to prepare for a candy party theme.

Have a candy buffet! Load dishes up with various kinds of candies with large spoon scoops for your guests to dig into. Supply each guest with a bag or container to load up with candy. Line the candy dishes along a long table. Make sure you have small colorful candies out like:

  • Smarties
  • M&M's
  • Jelly Beans
  • Skittles

  • Also try to have cotton candy and pink popcorn available to your guests. Try to rent a cotton candy machine for your party. This will add a unique touch to your theme, and making cotton candy is very inexpensive!

    Have a bar of sugary sodas and juices available as well to your guests. Put out glasses of colorful pop in clear dollar store plastic cups and line the colors like a rainbow. Buy sodas like:

  • Red: Cans of coke or fruit punch
  • Orange: Orange crush
  • Yellow: Lemonade
  • Green: Lime Crush or Mountain Dew
  • Blue: Jones blue soda
  • Purple: Grape crush

  • Have some activities at your sweet 16 candy party like:

  • Twister
  • Piñatas
  • Dancing contest
  • Pie eating contest
  • Guess the number of Jelly beans

  • Award contestants with candy bags and winners with something a little more cool.

    Mix some cool candy songs in with your favorite music. Here are a few ideas:

  • lollipop - Mika
  • candy shop - 50 cent
  • Lolli Lolli - Three 6 Mafia
  • I want candy - Bow Wow
  • lollipop - lil wayne

  • As the party ends, have it end in a conga line! Hand each guest a bad of candy necklaces, bracelets and a baby bottle pop!

    Have a bright and delicious sweet 16 candy party!

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