Sweet 16 Candle speeches

by Anomynous

I need help writing the speeches for my Sweet 16 candles.

I don't have enough people that I am truly that close to that I would give them a candle, and therefore I have many group candles; however it is hard to think of 16 groups of people within a party that only has 100 people.

Do you think it would be okay to give my parents separate candles? or should I do them together (they are married.)How long do you think that I should make my speeches?

I am so scared that I will bore everyone to death but also I am not sure how to add the proper humor into my speeches to keep everyone entertained and get a few laughs out of everyone.

Also, I am not sure about my grand entrance, whether I should walk in fast or walk in slow and should I have my escort walk me in hand in hand or with interlocked arms?

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