Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremonies

Great candle lighting ceremony techniques to sweep your guests off their feet!

Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremonies are very traditional. This is a ceremony in which family and friends are selected and honored by the birthday girl. This ceremony takes place before the birthday cake is served to the guests, and before or after the shoe ceremony.

This is a ceremony that most sweet 16 parties hold at some point of the celebration.

The birthday girl chooses 16 special people in her life to light a candle for. Everyone sits around as she lights each candle and explains why this particular person means so much to her.

People that are usually included are: mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, god parents, best friend, significant other, and other close family or friends.

The speech about each person typically shouldn’t last too long as the candle may just burn out in the middle of the speech (something that we don’t want to see happen!)

Speech Techniques:

Are you a nervous public speaker? I hear you on that one! Here are a few tips and tricks for your speech time at your sweet 16 candle lighting ceremonies.

1. Tell a little joke, or a sweet memory you had with each of your 16 special people. This will keep it short, sweet, and your guests will stay entertained.

2. Look around for poems that remind you of that person. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with your own words, so try some of ours!

3. Instead of making a speech about each of the 16 selected, why not call each one up and give them a little letter, describing why they mean so much to you. You can either ask them to read it out loud themselves or to read it in private.

4. Have a slide show. When you call someone’s name out, switch the slide show to a picture or a memory you had with them.

The Candles:

Special looking candles are a must for your sweet 16 candle lighting ceremonies. Avoid buying plain Jane birthday candles.

Try to find ones that look really special, or even buy regular candles that are not meant for birthdays. You can put the candles in a line or a circle on a table in front of your guests.

The Candle to Guest of Honour Ratio:

This is the order for which the candles are usually selected:
Candle 1: The first candle is always for your parents

Candle 2: The second candle is for your siblings or grandparents

Candle 3 to 6: Candles 3 to 6 are for the rest of your family

Candle 7 to 14: Candles 7 to 14 are for your friends

Candle 15: Candle 15 is for your best friend

Candle 16: Candle 16 is for your “significant other,” or someone really special to you.

Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremonies are not only held at sweet 16’s. Quinceanera and Bat Mitzvah celebrations also do their own similar ceremonies. This ceremony is a very big deal.

After the candle lighting ceremony, there will either be a father daughter dance, or the sweet sixteen cake will be served. It doesn’t matter which order you decide on, both ways work!

The sweet sixteen cake would be presented nicely after the ceremony, but there is also enough love going around the room for the father daughter dance to seem super sentimental.

The nice thing about these sweet 16 candle lighting ceremonies are that it doesn’t matter which sweet 16 party themes you decide to go with!

There is no counteraction whatsoever, just a good heart felt few moments to share with your guests.

Check out our great sweet 16 party themes themes while you’re considering this!

Have a great ceremony. =D

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