Sweet 16 Candle Ceremony

A Sweet 16 Candle Ceremony is a Very Important Tradition for This Celebration!

The thing is, many people don't actually know what a candle lighting ceremony is and how to do one.

The best explanation for a sweet 16 candle ceremony is that this is an important ceremony where everyone at the party comes together.

Candle lighting ceremony techniques to sweep your guests off their feet!
Sweet 16 candle lighting ceremonies are very traditional. This is a ceremony in which family and friends are selected and honored by the birthday girl...

Candle Ceremony, Shoe and Crown Ceremony, and Father Daughter Dance Traditions
A sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony is an old tradition that most sweet 16 parties contain in some sort of way. This is an important ceremony where all of the guests, from friends to family come together before the sweet 16 birthday cake is served.

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The birthday girl lights up every one of her 16 candles on her cake to represent someone special and dear to her in her life.

These people can include:

* Parents
* Siblings
* Grandparents
* Aunts and Uncles
* Friends

Instead of lighting each candle yourself, you can also call up the special person and read off why you chose them while they light the candle themselves.

Each candle that the birthday girl lights up represents a person who she must name out loud with an explanation on why they mean so much to her.

sweet 16 candle ceremony The speech about the person she chooses should be short and sweet, as the candles may burn out upon lighting.

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If you have difficulty with public speeches, then make it a poem! You can also just tell a funny and sweet story about a memory with that person, then go on to the next.

But remember don't go too long because you have 16 people to talk about here, and this is a teen party!

Another tip for a sweet 16 candle ceremony is to make sure that you pick up some special looking candles, instead of the plain old ones. These candles represent the 16 people who you care most about!

Or, instead of using birthday candles, use regular candles! place all 16 candles in a circle around your cake. This way there are loads of kinds of candles to choose from, possible a candle to represent the personality of each chosen person!

The particular order for a sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony is:

*The first candle is for your parents

*The second is for your siblings or grandparents

*The third to sixth is for the rest of your family

*Seven to fourteen is for your chosen friends

*Number fifteen is for your best friend/ friends

*The sixteenth is for a particular guy that is special to you, like a boyfriend or a best guy friend

*Number seventeen is an option candle. You can use this as an inspirational candle.

Once all of the candles are lit, the guests can start singing Happy Birthday! Cut the cake, eat it up and let the party begin!

For cool sweet 16 birthday cakes, check out Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes. The birthday cake is a very important part of a sweet 16 candle ceremony! Sweet 16 party ideas has it all.

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