Sweet 16 Canada Day Party

So your birthday is on Canada day? Well as a proud Canadian, I will help you prepare the sweetest sixteenth birthday party in the world! So kick back, relax and enjoy these awesome party ideas

Canada Day is an enormous celebration for the entire country on every July 1st. This is the time where all Canadians come together and party it up!

The greatest thing about this cool celebration is the fireworks and cheers of excitement from the country. Children get to stay up extra late to play games outside with their friends and family.

Overall, Canada Day is one of the greatest days of the year!

So if your sweet 16 birthday is on Canada Day, why not use this occasion as your party theme?

Decorating your Canada Day party theme is fun and simple. Buy some red and white streamers and hang up some canadian flags everywhere you can.

Blow up some red and white balloons and get some table cloths, plates, and cutlery of the same colors. Throw around some red and white party confetti and have lots of fun!

If you have a backyard, blow up red and white water balloons and have a water fight! Play dodge ball with water balloons! If they hit you, your out! This is a great day to get wet and wild in the warm sun!

Light up the barbecue and have some burgers and hot dogs. Poutine is very popular in Canada, so make sure to make lots! Poutine is very simple to prepare. Just make some fries, shred up some cheese or cheese curds, and load your fries with gravy.


You can also make your own beaver tails. They are delicious and easy to make. Follow any recipe online to make them.

Make your birthday cake into a Canadian flag cake or a big Canadian leaf. Buy 16 red sparkling candles for your candle ceremony.

You can also make some snow cones by crushing up ice and making snowballs out of it. Pour cherry flavored food coloring on to for a cool tasty treat.

Put some tiny Canadian flags on cupcakes and other treats. And use red and white frosting for all home made desserts.

Make sure to have snacks like popcorn at hand. Get some ketchup flavored seasoning or red colored popcorn for a fun snack.

If you have hockey equipment, why not play a game of road hockey with your friends! Ask your guests to wear their favorite hockey jersey if they have one.Encourage your guests to wear red and white to your sweet 16 party. Pick up some big goofy Canada Day hats and take loads of pictures.

Have a dance! Get out your red and white christmas lights and use them for this day. Buy some red light bulbs from any dollar store or value mart and shine them on your dance floor. Mix in popular Canadian music with your favorite songs.

If you feel daring, play a game of Canadian Idol! Have your friends sing some famous songs by Canadian artists. Ask mom and dad be the judges of your competition. Make sure dad acts like a grumpy Simon, and mom like friendly ol' Paula Abdoul. Award your Canadian Idol with a fun prize.

Have a bon fire if you have a pit. A Canada Day celebration is all about the evening. So get out some fun glow in the dark activities for you and your friends to play.

Attach glow sticks to frisbees and throw them around. Stick glow sticks all over your yard and buy some sparklers from the dollar store. They are very fun and safe to play with with.

If mom and dad allows, get some fireworks from a convenience store and have your own fire work show.

Dress up and act like your favourite Canadian celebrities for the day like:

  • Austin Powers
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Jim Carrey
  • Shania Twain

  • Don't forget that the most important part of having a Canada Day theme celebration is to have a blast. So make absolute sure to have loads of fun!

    So... go NUTS!

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