Sweet 16 Cakes For Every Personality!


Sweet 16 cakes come in all shapes and form. These cakes are meant for the inspiration of different girls with different hobbies and styles.

Fashionista Sweet 16 Cakes

fashionista cake

Photo courtesy of Cakes.KeyArtStudio .com

This cake I found online is absolutely stunning. If that were served to me on my birthday, I would almost love it too much to eat it!

The Bottom tier of the cake is covered with an edible bow belt made out of sugar paste and clear sugar diamonds. The middle tier was designed to be a shirt, with edible pearls surrounding the layer. The top tier is a glittered silver purse with black roses.

This cake is entirely edible! (My favorite part is that this birthday cake is bright pink!)

This animal print cake is so beautiful! This two tier birthday cake is leopard print on the bottom and zebra print on top! The pretty pink flowers contrast nicely against all of the fashion of animal print. This is a dark chocolate cake. This is truly a “cake with style.”

Check out this animal print cake here!

Artistic Girls

sweet sixteen cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Sugarbloom Bev ;o)

Is the birthday girl the artistic type who loves to draw, paint and do anything else artsy? Well check out this cake I found online, more artistic cakes are still to come, so stop by and check out the site regularly!

This white icing cupcake was inspired by a tribal tattoo. The designer did a fantastic job! Edible glitter beads were used to make the flower, and black icing was used to create the neat design!

For The Music Lovers

the beatles cake

Photo courtesy of Designer Cakes By April

Does the birthday girl completely dig music? Then perhaps one of these sweet 16 cakes will be of help and inspiration for finding that perfect sweet 16 birthday cake.

This white, blue and black cake was created for a Beatles fan. The birthday number says 30, but can easily be changed to sweet 16! The bottom tier of the cake has the shadowed designs on the band in their signature pose.

The middle tier has “The Beatles” written across it. The very top tier has the happy birthday information written across with icing. I love it!

This music lover’s sweet 16 birthday cake is incredibly cute. This is a white icing cake with black guitars and music notes designed for decoration.

The instruments and music notes are made from dark chocolate with black food coloring. This tier two cake is adorable for a sweet 16.Check out this music lovers cake here!

Princess Cake

Is your sweet 16 girl a princess? Does she act like, look like or is just sweet as pie? Show her how much she means to you with a princess cake.

This is the prettiest princess cake I have seen in a long time. The cake is a three tier white and pink, and is topped with a silver crown.

The bottom tier of the cake has a pretty bow across the top and the bottom, and each layer has artificial pearly across. The cake is delicate and formal, and big enough for tons of people to enjoy.

Check out this cute sweet 16 Princess Cake here!

Hope you enjoyed these sweet 16 cakes! Sweet 16 party ideas is dedicated to helping make your party everything you've dreamed about.

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