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Sweet 16 birthday poems are great to give to the birthday girl for an extra special touch to her day. These free sweet sixteen birthday poems are:


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Your Gifts

Some people are gifted
With beauty and radiance
Some have the power
To make you feel joy from their smile

Others are blessed with pleasant personalities
Who are loving and trusting
Or just plain out striking
Some people are blessed
With the gift of reliability

But you my dear have a gift of one kind
And that is your inner and outer beauty
You're loving and trusting
Caring and daring
My perfect princess

Happy Sweet Sixteen

This is the Day

Every girl waits for this day
With hopes and dreams in her eyes
Every mother waits for this day
The day she can finally drive
This is the time in each girls life
To celebrate her youth and change

And after every year a mother cheers
Remembering the birth day of her prize
God is thanked in many prayers
For having her daughter in her life

And this is the year of her sweet sixteen
The day she becomes a woman
This is the day to celebrate and cheer
For the happiness the birthday girl
gives to everyone around her

Happy Sweet Sixteen.

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