Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas Features Toga Parties!

Throw a Toga Party with these Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Of all sweet 16 birthday party ideas, a toga party is my favorite theme for the warmer seasons of the year. Toga parties are fun to have, and easy to throw!

A toga party is such a blast to throw, and so inexpensive which is fantastic on the wallet! You don't have to worry about buying a dress, or having a dress code besides wearing togas!

What is a Toga Party? 

 A toga party is a costume themed celebration where each guest makes their very own toga to wear at the party. The toga is usually made from a bed sheet or a large enough size of fabric to wrap comfortably around the wearer’s body. This is popular for sweet 16 party themes across Canada and the states.

Essential Party Items

There are a few sweet 16 birthday party ideas items that you should pick up to make this toga party right. By using these great sweet 16 birthday party ideas, you will benefit to the fullest by throwing the greatest toga party ever!


No real fancy decorations are required for a toga party, just throw around some green vines and a few fruit baskets! You can even use a fruit basket as centerpieces at each table at the party. If you don’t want to set around loads of real fruit, you can find artificial fruits at your local craft shop or even dollar store.

Spreading around green or white Christmas lights would be a fantastic and free sweet 16 birthday party ideas decoration that you can use for the party. The lights look great indoors, or even for an outdoor evening party.


Togas are of up most importance for a toga party. They are the entire point of the party and every guest should wear one.


Sandals should be worn to go with the togas! White or beige flip flops would probably look the best if your toga is white. If you are throwing a toga party in a colder season of the year, have your guests bring them along to wear in the house.


Food is very important for a toga party. I would recommend sticking with the Greek theme and serve Greek food. There are tons of Greek dishes you can serve! Listed are a few.

Greek Salad

A Greek salad is excellent to make for a party and really is inexpensive. You will need:* Lettuce

* Tomato

* Red onions

* Feta cheese

* Greek salad dressing

Begin by putting the lettuce in a large dish. Cut your tomato slices in halves and sprinkle them around the lettuce. Next, throw some red onions around. Don’t put too much onion, because the taste can be very overpowering. Crush up a couple of pieces of feta cheese and sprinkle that around the salad as well. One piece is enough for one large serving of salad. Last but not least, pour your Greek salad dressing on top.

Greek Wrap

To make Greek wraps, you will need many of the same ingredients as the Greek salad. This is excellent to ser ve together, and is easy to make quickly at the same time.You will need:

* Large soft tortillas

* All of the Greek salad ingredients

* Grilled chicken

Begin by lying out one large tortilla (The whole wheat wraps are better for the kids). Lay two half pieces of lettuce in the middle of the wrap. Make sure that the hard parts of the lettuce are sitting in the middle, so it is easier to wrap. Next, lay three full slices of tomato across the lettuce. Place about for slices of red onion over the tomato as well. Stick a few pieces of warmed grilled chicken in there and crush up one piece of feta cheese. Then slab on the Greek salad dressing.

Fresh fruit snacks

Baskets of fresh fruit are excellent for a toga party. Placing lots of green fruits, like green apple, grapes and watermelon creates a great look. Fruits are a healthy snack choice and look great with the sweet 16 party themes

How to Make Your Own Toga

Making the perfect toga for your sweet 16 birthday party ideas is one of the most important parts of the celebration.

Step 1: Go to your local fabric store and pick up the fabric of your choice. Traditionally, togas are made from white or off white fabrics. You will need enough fabric to wrap around your body a few times. Consider the amount of fabric to be about the size of one of your bed sheets. You will probably need about 5 yarns of fabric to make the toga right. You could use a bed sheet as a last minute resort, but finding one at a fabric store is cheaper, and you could find cooler designs.

Step 2: Wrap the fabric or sheet around your body, and pin it with a safety pin. Repeat this process once, then throw the rest of the fabric over your shoulders and pin the rest in the back.

Step 3: Add a belt! You can create your own cool toga fashion by adding a belt with leftover fabric. Tie the belt to the back of the toga once you have gotten it on.

Step 4: Accessorize with gold plated necklaces, laurel leaf crowns, strapped sandals and swords.

Have fun with these great togas sweet 16 birthday party ideas! If you have any tips or trick of your own, write to us about them!

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