Sweet 16 Birthday Gifts and Gift Basket Ideas Galore!

Sweet 16 birthday gifts can come in many ways. On this page we will be talking a lot about gift baskets, but you will find many more exciting ideas throughout the page as you read on.

Sweet 16 gift baskets can range from theme and quantity, to sentimental or even funny. This is a fantastic gift for a special birthday, and a cute way of making the basket is to put sixteen little gifts inside of it. But the gifts don’t always have to be small, gift baskets can range in any size you wish, as long as it all fits inside of a basket!

There are many ways of making a sweet 16 birthday gift basket! Besides the cliché but very clever quantity of 16 items in the basket, you can go with any sort of theme for the basket. The best gift baskets are the ones which reflect on the personality of the birthday girl.

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A sweet sixteen basket related to everything sweet 16. You can really do it all with this type of gift basket, as long as it truly relates to the sweet 16 party ideas traditions. Items can include:

* The Classic Sixteen Candles Movie
* A crown or slipper for the shoe ceremony
* Sixteen sweets or chocolates
* Anything with a sweet 16 theme
* Pretend car keys
* A drivers Ed book
* Sixteen girl’s items

A gift basket which is loaded with lotions, face masks, nail polish, and body oils make for a great sweet 16 birthday gift. A rolled up magazine and some cut up cucumbers in a package will give the basket an extra fun touch.

Nail filers, clippers, hair brushes and tweezers are also good items to put in the basket. You can even put a spa gift certificate right inside of the basket with a few little inexpensive spa theme items. These are super cute sweet sixteen gift ideas for the health and beauty oriented girls.

Book Worm Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with the birthday girls favorite book series, a couple of new book marks, a coffee mug with latte or tea packages, and even a new diary with a cute pen are great for the readers and writers.

Girls Night Sweet Sixteen Gift Basket

A basket with fluffy slippers, manicure and pedicure supplies, a few DVD’s you know she loves and a few bags of candy make for a great girls night gift basket.

You can stick a new pair of comfy pajamas or a cute new robe inside of the basket to prop the rest of the gifts up, and place things like candy, magazines and sleep masks inside of the sweet 16 birthday gift basket.

Music Lovers Sweet Sixteen Gift Basket

A basket loaded with cd`s by the birthday girls favorite bands, some magazines, wall posters and fan books are great for a music lovers gift basket.

If she is a die hard fan of a particular band or artist, you can center the gift basket around her passion. These are great sweet sixteen gift ideas for those who are very passionate about music and the arts.

Fashionable Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Ideas

This gift basket can have anything that relates to fashion and glamor. You can put makeup, glitter, clothes, or gift certificates inside of the basket. Anything that is cute and fun can go inside of this basket. Fashion magazines, hair products and smelly lotions are also great.

If you are still on the hunt for more crafty ideas, check out these homemade gift ideas to make a sweet sixteen gift from scratch!

Enjoy these awesome sweet 16 birthday gift basket ideas and have a blast using your own creativity of make them! Happy birthday to the sweet 16 girl!

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