Sweet 16 Birthday Cards

Sweet 16 birthday cards are fun, cool and easy to make! Here are some awesome ideas for the next sweet 16.

One of the coolest cards you can make for your friend or loved one is a...

Gigantic birthday card!

The key ingredients to designing the perfect humongous birthday card include:

*Bristol board

Purchase a piece of Bristle board of the birthday girl’s favorite color or plain white to draw on.

Buy another colorful Bristol board if you want to cut out shapes (like stars or hearts) and paste them on the birthday card. Make sure your sweet 16 birthday card has the look, feel and colors that you want it to have.

sweet 16 birthday card You can buy letter stencils made for scrap booking to write "happy birthday" with neatly, and there are also stickers and sponge letters you can purchase at any dollar store. Don’t forget about markers though! It’s always important to write the birthday girl a special message.

Buy colorful stickers of her favorite theme such as a movie or just plain little hearts and stick them all over. This is also great to cover over spelling errors.

Pick up some colorful markers to draw designs and write birthday wishes with.

Fold the bristle board in half to create a card, or leave it as a birthday poster.

As you have probably noticed on the image above, there are several signatures on the birthday card. I asked everybody who attended my friend’s birthday to sign the gigantic card. It was a riot and a very entertaining part of the day.

The card shown below was given to me by a great friend who cut out a huge heart out of neon pink Bristol board, and she cut out neon yellow stars from another. She bought stickers of my favorite fictional character (Tigger!) and outlined shapes with black sharpie marker.

This card has not left my bedroom and always catches the eyes of anyone who enters my bedroom.

I love creating and designing, and the larger the creation, the sweeter the birthday gift!

Besides gigantic sweet 16 birthday cards, the next coolest thing is a sweet sixteen pop out card!

So here are a few good tips and instructions to make the perfect sweet sixteen pop out card.


*3 pieces of paper
*Any sort of decorations you like (stickers, glitter, feathers...etc)

To begin, take a paper, and fold horizontally in half. This will be your main card paper, so choose the color you want your card to be. And don’t forget to consider the thickness of the paper.

Take the second paper and fold it into a |Chinese fan /accordion style. Then cut it horizontally to your preference of thickness. This is what will pop out the shape you choose.

Take the third piece of paper, cut it out into any shape you would like the pop out to be, and then decorate it as you wish.

Glue the pop out to the accordion style folded paper.

Glue the accordion style folded paper to the spot you wish the pop out to be. Usually the pop out would be on the right side of the card, but get creative and do what you want.

Decorate the remainder of your card as you wish.

sweet sixteen birthday card

Photo courtesy of anywherebuthome21

Sweet 16 birthday cards are meant to be super special and unique for your teen, so get crafty and have tons of fun experimenting with shapes, color and sparkles!

You could also design you very own artistic card, that is sentimental and would be cherished forever.
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