Super Sweet Sixteen Night Club Theme Party


A super sweet sixteen night club party is one of my personal favorite parties. The dark and glowing night club feel, colorful strobe lights, glowing in the dark and the fruity non- alcoholic drinks; what’s there not to love? There are countless cool ways to make this night club party great, no matter what your budget is!

One of the most well known things about a night club party is the bouncers. So have a friend or parent stand by the door to check in and greet your guests. For the entrance way you can come up with some red entrance ropes to create a line up to get into your night club, and to get through the door.

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Make sure that your guests also know the dress code. You can make this party as glam or casual as you see fit. I personally like the idea to dress to impress for a night club party.

Decorating Your Night Club

Here is a list of some of the most important supplies, areas and decorations you will need for your sweet 16 party.

* Streamers
* Balloons
* Disco Ball
* Black Lights
* Food and Drinks Area
* Dance Floor

Remember that the party will be in a very dark room, so a color scheme isn’t all that necessary. White looks great under black lights and strobe lights, and bright neon colors glow in the dark.

Other cool things that you can get for your super sweet sixteen night club party are:

* Bubble making machine
* Fog Machine
* Strobe Lights
* Hire a DJ
* Surround Sound System

For lighting, lava lamps are great to use as centerpieces on various tables. You can also find really cool fiver optic lamps and Christmas lights to hang around the party.

night club party

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You really don’t have to spend a whole load of cash to give your guests some decent sweet 16 party favors. Head to your local dollar store and pick up some glow in the dark jewelery, temporary tattoos and bags of peanuts (make absolute sure that know body at your party is allergic to peanuts! Don’t even bother with this idea if you are not absolutely sure)

Find some bookshelves and line them up together to create a bar. You can also use lone dressers for this. Cover with a long table cloth and make sure that the shelves face the bartender. Find some great recipes for virgin drinks and smoothies. Pick up cans of pop of various flavors and fruity juices.

Pick up some glow in the dark glasses and straws for the drinks. Make sure that you have a variety of delicious non- alcoholic drinks and food at your super sweet sixteen night club theme party.

night club theme party

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Find an old black board or two large Bristol boards and list the drinks you have to offer on one board and food on the other. You can also set up a buffet style table for snacks beside the bar.

Cool Entertainment

If you have a larger budget, you can consider hiring some cool entertainment for the party. Some cool ideas are:

* DJ
* Live Band
* Break Dancers
* Great Surround Sound Speakers
*Foam Party Equipment

Seating Arrangements

Make sure that you have several chairs available for your super sweet sixteen guests.

Set up the chairs in intimate groupings, and try to have platforms to change the elevations of the seating. Visit the thrift store to find inexpensive chairs.

If you are a little picky, you can pick up seat covers so that all of the chairs will match.

Blow up chairs are also great for a super sweet sixteen night club theme party. They are cheap and usually brightly colored so that they will glow in the dark.

You can find blow up chairs with taller seats, and even small blow up couches.

Have fun with this great super sweet sixteen night club theme party!

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