St Patricks Day

A sweet 16 st patricks day party is a great theme to kick of the warm spring season. So lets follow Robin Williams advice when he says,

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"”

Now whether you're Irish or not, on st patricks day everyone is! So pull out your green hats and lucky charms and lets get down to business.

St. Patrick's Day is on March 17 of every year. This day has become a world wide celebration of fun and luck! A St. Patrick's Day theme is a great party choice.

So what about your party?

Well, you must decorate to suit the St. Patrick's Day theme of course! I certainly hope you like green! You will need a lot of it in your party.

*Party plates

Keep it green.

Get some glow sticks and green top hats for every guest.

Cut out some four leaf clovers out if thick green construction paper and stick them around your party.

Sprinkle some green and white confetti around your party.

For food and drink, make it green! Put out some green Jello and some green Smarties in a dish, even mint ice cream is excellent.

At this time of year, most stores sell extra special st patricks day treats. You can even do some of your own baking. The key to green is food coloring. Bake your own green cake. Shape it like a shamrock.

Make some yummy green smoothies or minty milkshakes for your guests. Make some ice cream floats using Sprite or 7Up and some green or white ice cream. Dash a little whipped cream on top and you've made a simple, inexpensive and very delicious treat!

Don't forget about utensils. Most local dollar stores sell cutlery of many different colors, purchase some green forks, knives and plates.

You can also make some super fizzy drinks by putting a few green pop rocks into a glass of sprite or 7Up. Don't put too many because the pop rocks might just hurt! At Sweet 16 party ideas we strive to give you the best ideas for your perfect party!

Or, if your friends are feeling brave, make it a game. Who can survive the pop rocks? Buy a load of pop rock candy and see who dares to eat the most pop rocks with their drink. This is my favorite part about sweet 16 march themes.

Get creative.

If you want to have a dance at your party, pull out some glow stick necklaces and bracelets. Grab some black and green lights for the dance floor and have a blast. Buy some plastic Irish top hats for dress up fun.

Play some good old fashion Irish music at your party. Print out some famous Irish lyrics and have your guests sing the songs in the best Irish accents.

Make a pot of gold before your party begins of cool treasures and treats and hide it for your party guests to find.

The first to find it keeps it all!

Happy Sweet 16 st patricks day!

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