Sixteenth Birthday Party Ideas

Sixteenth birthday party ideas are excellent for every girl who wants to have a unique and fun birthday party. We are devoted to make your sixteenth birthday the greatest celebration you have ever experienced!

From simple parties to large, extravagant celebrations, we have everything to fit your needs. Welcome to the one stop idea hub for all of the sweet 16 party themes, games, activities, and party ideas you could need!

There are many considerations when planning your party, and we will begin with some fun planning tipe to make life easier for you. We've had countless emails, letters and posts from teens all over the world who have been trying to figure out how to actually plan their party.

It feel overwhelming at first, which is why it is great to brainstorm! Create little brain storm bubbles of everything that you've thought about up to this point, and branch off of your bubbles with the ideas that you will find on this site.

Sixteenth Birthday Party Tips for Mom and Dad:

These tips are provided for the party planning parents.

Surprise Party:

Why not give your daughter a surprise party? Scoop up her phone book or cell phone and secretly call up her friends and invite them over yourself.

You can also email them or send them out some invitations. This is always a very exciting way to plan and celebrate a party, without the birthday girl even knowing!

The Birthday Girls Interests:

Think of all of your daughters interests and hobbies, and plan a party with the theme of her interests, and maybe do some activities that she really enjoys.

Be around, but give the kids some space.

The birthday girl will of course love your company at her party, but she will also like the privacy to gossip and chit chat with her other friends. Poke in and out of the party, join in, but not in the gossip!

Easy Sweet 16 Party Themes

A theme is important to make your party unique, fun, easier to arrange and of course nicer to look at. An easy to plan theme is a wonderful thing when you have little time to plan but want a spectacular bash. Sixteenth birthday party ideas always need interesting themes such as:

* A dance party
* Candy party
* Caribbean Party
* Colour theme party
* Glow in the dark party

You can find tons more party themes at the party themes page at Sweet 16 Party Themes. Don't worry, there are plenty more themes that are very easy to plan on the page!

Another consideration toward planning your party is to figure out your venue, budget, and how many people you want to invite. These all have to be decided on by you or the host of the party as they are personal choices.

Games and Sixteenth Birthday Party Ideas

There are so many party games in the world to pick that it’s sometimes difficult to even think of one! Party games are excellent to help break the ice at parties, for teens to get to know each other, and pass the time smoothly and safely.

There are:

* Food games
* Indoor games
* Outdoor games
* Balloons games
* Slumber party games and so much more.

Check out some party games at Sweet 16 Party Games. On the page you will find tons of games submitted by other teens too!

Fabulous Gift Ideas:

Sixteenth birthday party ideas and gifts can sometimes be really tricky for friends and family to find, so for sixteenth party ideas we have thought up a large variety of sweet gift ideas already for you!

Check out Sweet 16 Gift Ideas to get inspired to treat that special teen. From my experience, as a female, I tend to shop for girls the way that I would like to receive a gift. I think about what they like, or what I've overheard them talking about. Then I focus on the small details of gift wrapping, coordinating cards with wrapping paper or gift bags, and selecting the right colour of tissue paper. As females, we really appreciate the finer details!

P.S: You can never go wrong with jewellery ;) 

Choosing the Right Cake

The birthday cake is one of the most important parts to the entire sweet 16 experience! The right cake for the party should be considered by the parties theme, colour scheme and the birthday girls flavor preference. The scale of the cake should also depend on the amount of guests you plan to invite.

Check out the page devoted exclusively to sweet 16 cake tips at Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

The Candle Lighting Ceremony

This is one of the most special traditions for this milestone birthday. This is a time when the cake comes out and the birthday girl makes a speech for 16 special people in her life. Many people want to know the proper and traditional way to have a candle ceremony and what the meaning behind the tradition is.

A sweet 16 candle lighting ceremony is a very important custom to every sweet 16 birthday party. Many people want to know the proper and traditional way to have a candle ceremony and what the meaning behind the tradition is.

Well we have that! Check out the page devoted to candle ceremonies to learn how to properly do one, and the whole meaning behind it at Sweet 16 Candle Ceremony

Just roam around the site and you will definitely find everything you need. If you are having trouble, check out the search page, by typing in what you need to find, the search you guide you to the right place.

Enjoy these sixteenth birthday party ideas.

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