Throw a Fierce ANTM Party for a Sixteen Year Old Girl


Throwing an ANTM Party for a sixteen year old girl is great for those who love glamor, fashion, and of course the famous television show!

Some of the many activities you can put together for this party can include some of ANTM’s most popular:

* Challenges

* Photoshoots

* Catwalks

* Deliberation Challenges

If it is in your party budget, a fantastic sweet 16 party idea you can plan is to arrange for a limo ride for the birthday girl and her best girl friends! You can have the limo pick up all of the girls and ride around town for awhile until they reach the party. This is a popular scene in America’s Next Top Model, the girls always ride around in a limo.

Have the girls dress in high fashion looking outfits as the parties’ dress code. Have a judge panel ready at the party to deliberate each girl’s chosen outfit.

ANTM party

Photo courtesy of memoflores

ANTM Party Challenges

An America’s Next Top Model Party for a sixteen year old girl must have tons of fun challenges! Here are some great classic ANTM model challenges that you and your girlfriends can try out!

The “Smize” Challenge

Have a fun makeup and photoshoot challenge of Tyra’s favourite model feature... The “Smize”. The “smize” as you probably know is Tyra’s definition of “smiling with the eyes.” There have been TONS of challenges throughout top model history fir the best” smize”. So get the girls together, paint some cool designs on each other’s eyes and cheekbones, and grab the Polaroid’s! The girl with the best “smize”, as judged by your friends, wins a prize! The “smize” is one of the excellent sweet 16 party ideas.

Fashion Treasure

Have the girls each bring a few articles of clothing and accessories to the party. Place all of the items on a table or in a pile and start the 30 second timer! The top two girls with the best outfits will then do a “walk-off” to fight for their right to best dressed!

For a sixteen year old girl who has a passion for fashion, this is an excellent sweet 16 party theme.

Makeover Challenge

Have a makeover challenge without having professional hair stylists or makeup artists! Pick up a load of makeup for this challenge activity, have the gusts bring their hair straighteners and curling irons. Give the girls 15 minutes to do their own creative hairstyles and makeup. Have a panel of judges (parents) decide on the best makeover for a great prize. Or you could always have each girl vote for someone (besides themselves of course!)

sixteen year old girl

Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Arrow2005

Change a T-shirt

Pick up several plain T-shirts. Make sure you have one for every party guest. Supply scissors, pieces of fabrics, paints and scarves. Have the girls create their very own fashionable outfit from the plain T-shirt. This is a great party favour for the girls to bring home as well! You could also pick up a bunch of cheap accessories for the girls to use and wear with their new outfits.

Shopping Spree

This challenge involves going into a department store and making a bit of a mess. But this challenge is definitely worthy of fun memories. Throw together carts of random clothes and accessories. Have the girl’s compete by mixing and matching clothing the best. Make sure you have a time limit set up for more fun (and so that you don’t get chased out of the store by management!)

Blind Catwalk

Have each guest of the special sixteen year old girl blindfold themselves. Explain that the challenge will be to do the very best catwalk they can in blindfolds. Have the girls walk in high heels. Make sure to video tape the blind catwalk for later laughs!

ANTM Classic Trivia

Create a trivia game about the girl’s from the past America’s Next Top Model Seasons. Ask question about famous Top Model History, and ask a few questions about Tyra Banks herself! Have the girls make up impressions of the past well known models and their well known personalities!

Other Great Ideas for the Sixteen Year Old Girl Model Party

Create Tyra Mail sweet 16 party invitations. The greatest thing is that you can use your own name instead of Tyra Banks. “Your name Mail” will be the hit of the season!

Have an America’s Next Top Model reunion marathon with the girl’s if you are having a slumber party after the big bash. Munch on popcorn all night and witch all of the best episodes.

Have a fierce ANTM party. A sixteen year old girl has every potential in the world to become anything!

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