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Welcome to the latest and greatest web place to find the best princess cakes! A sweet 16 birthday cake is great for girls who love the Disney movies, fairy tales, or any girl who is just generally your special princess!

There is a huge variety of fairy tale cakes to choose from, whether you are looking for a fairy tale castle look, something mythical and magical, or something else bright and colorful!

princess cakes

“Once upon a time, in a far away land, a young prince lived in a shining castle.” – The Beauty and the Beast famous quote.

A glass slipper from Cinderella, a crown, a magic ball, the famous rose from Beauty and the Beast, or other royal figurines would make fantastic sweet 16 cake toppers.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake
Baking a Tinkerbell Birthday Cake is Now Surprisingly Easy!Well we all know that the birthday cake is an important and essential part of a sweet 16 celebration. A homemade birthday cake is always the best if you’re crafty enough for the job at hand.

You can have your sweet 16 birthday cakes baked at your local specialty baking shop. Supply the baker with a picture of your dream cake, whether you’ve seen it online, in a magazine or a drawing you created yourself. By giving them a detailed picture of what you desire, you are more likely to get exactly what you want!

If you are doing the baking yourself, you can make different sweet 16 birthday cake shapes by using different shapes and styles of baking pans. When the cakes are baked, you can cut into different shapes as well, shapes that are larger and smaller that you will need to make your design. To make the extra shapes stick, just load them with icing. The icing works as well as glue!

You can have cakes made from particularly famous princess scenes:

* The princess kissing the toad

* Tinkerbell flying or waving her wand

* The beauty and the Beast famous rose

* Cinderella’s famous fairy take castle

* Snow White and Prince Eric

* Under the Sea with Arial (Check out my Under the Sea cake here)

There are loads of creative ways to bake your princess cake. Remember that princess scenes are typically colorful, mystical, and full of sparkles and jewels. After you have baked your cake, you can put sweet 6 cake toppers or other memorable things on the cake:

* Famous and notable princess quotes

* Edible rhinestones, glitter, sparkle and jewels

* Anything which is elegant and glamorous looking

* Princess gowns or glass slippers

Crowns and glass slippers are awesome ideas because these are both important sweet 6 traditions. There are crown and shoe ceremonies at many sweet 16 celebrations. You can essentially be very clever by combining the traditions of a sweet 16 party with famous princess clichés.

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Femininity is the key to a princess cake. Friendly animals, soft colors, glitter and jewels are all part of the stereotypical elegant and elaborate life.

The famous princess fairy tale castle is the most popular of all princess cakes. You can have a princess castle specially made at your local bakery of you can make it from scratch!

(Hot Tip: A tier 3 or 4 birthday cake would suit a fairy castle the very best.)

Pinks, purple, sparkly silver and white are the most popular princess cakes colors. The most important color of the cake will of course be the birthday girl’s favorite color!

A “princess” is generally thought of as a damsel in distress who gets swept off her feet by prince charming. You can set up a related theme to your party and have a fairy tale evening.

A cute party idea is to have your friends dress like princesses and princes. They can dress as famous characters from fairy tales, or they can make up their own characters. This would make a very elegant sweet 16 party.

Check out our sweet 16 party themes for tons of ideas!Have a fun journey in finding that perfect princess cake, and if cooking, happy baking!

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