Poems for 16th Birthday Give a Lovely Touch to the Heart and Soul of the Occasion

Poems for 16th birthday parties can come in cards, in the form of a birthday speech, or during a candle lighting ceremony.

A poem is the most heart felt way to show your feelings for somebody, which makes a sweet 16 poem exceptionally special.

Super important note: Every poem on this site has been made exclusively to assist you with poem ideas and inspirations. Feel free to use these poems for the occasion, but please do not put them on your own website or publish them yourself. These poems were made by me, and I enjoy sharing them to help you with ideas.

Please enjoy each of these poems for 16th birthday and share them with those who you care about.

Each sweet 16 poem is home made and totally unique and you can find them all here at sweet 16 party ideas.

Before you read the poems below, think about what the birthday girl means to you. OR, if you are the birthday girl, think about what your guests mean to you. How much do your parents mean to you... your best friends?

Poems can be for anybody. The birthday girl herself, theparents of the birthday girl, the boyfriend, a soul sister...

Enjoy the poems below and I hope you find inspiration for the words.

Poems for 16th Birthday Ideas...

For My Daughter

The moment you were born

I took you in my arms and cried with joy
The day you turned one
I gave you your very first cake to enjoy
On your first day of school
You laughed while I cried
On your very first bike I chased you down the hill
But you just had to fly
I look back to the days you were young
You thought you could jump higher then you sprung
You smiled at the littlest things
And you acted like you understood all of the strings
Your beauty has always inspired
Everyone to reach so much higher
You are a special girl indeed
My daughter I wish you the happiest sweet sixteen.

You Are Beautiful

A sweet sixteen is the time

To celebrate your youth and kind
You are so young but so grown up
Your envied for your personality
Your beauty is like nature
You want to fly through the city
In a new green Lamborghini
You want to stop global warming
Or at least bring world peace
Your aspirations are so high
So beautiful and giving
Your love is so free
Like the oxygen we are breathing.
Today is your sweet sixteenth
And I long to give you the world
Bring you world peace
And the boy of your dreams.
You love Disney movies
You live by his quote
Dreams do come true
Your heart is full of hope.
Happy sixteenth birthday
We all love you so.

You’re 16

Sweet 16 is a high point in life
When your future really starts
Your personality is so strong
Your love is in our hearts
The road to your future looks sunny and bright
You have many exciting choices coming shortly ahead
You will alwyas have us here by your side
We all wish you the very best in life
May the steps you take be filled with joy
And your future lie untold
With happiness and mistakes
So enjoy it
your sixteen years old!

Poems for 16th birthday can also have a little random humor to them. Check out this next one for a little giggle

Humor sweet 16

I wanted to give you a special gift
In a kind and unique way
Since it is your sweet sixteen
I thought I’d do something funny
So I took a plane to Japan
Just the other day.
I racked my head with gift ideas
Things you might just like
I saw jewelery, cool clothes and makeup
But I just couldn’t make up my mind.
I thought I’d bring you home a pet
Maybe a cat or a bunny
But you can find those everywhere
And there they costed too much money.
I was really on a mission
I traveled through the country
I even fell off of a donkey.
In Japan I realized the perfect gift
I suppose I should have brought you
With me to the country
If I really had gone I wouldn’t just give you money!
Happy sweet 16.

Please enjoy these poems and feel free to put them in cards or frames for that special girl. Get creative and add a little bit of your own words to a poem. Well I hope you have enjoyed the poems for 16th birthdays. For more great and unique poems check out Sweet 16 Poems


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