The Superb Tricks to Planning A Sweet Sixteen Party

Planning a sweet sixteen party is a fun activity for everyone! If you’re a parent, best friend or the special sweet 16 girl herself, you will have loads of fun and satisfaction with planning such a special event. Instead of reading rules and regulations, here we have fun party planning checklists which are printable, and fun tips and tricks to plan your dream birthday party!

Planning the perfect party consists of lots of decision making. Who will you invite? What is your budget? What type of party theme would you like to have? The options are endless for a sweet 16, but the objective is usually to make it very fun and unique.

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Selecting a Party Theme

Deciding on a party theme is fun and sometimes pretty tricky. To pick out your perfect party theme, follow these simple steps:

* Consider the birthday girls hobbies and interests

* Estimate the amount of party guests you plan to have

*Decide on a party budget

*Try to be as creative as possible. Unique parties are always the best.

*Check out sweet 16 party themes for some great ideas.

Explore your horizons! Planning a sweet 16 party ideas is very fun and can be a cool family activity. See our Party Themes Page for more great ideas.

Scheduling the Date, Time & Requesting RSVP

Planning a sweet sixteen party requires an organized schedule. Take into consideration the birthday girls actual birthday date and the availability of the special day. Remember to decide on a good and flexible time to throw the party.

Be a planner... don't wait until last minute where your scrambling around desperately looking for a theme and money to supply your birthday party.

We can help you plan!

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Planning A Sweet Sixteen Party Location

How big is your sweet sixteen party going to be? Will it be humongous, fancy and formal? Perhaps you need a larger space for a big group of family and friends. If so, why not throw your sweet 16 party at a:

* Country club

* Local dance hall

* Hotel

Or do you plan on having a smaller, more laid back party? Why not consider throwing it at:

* Home

* The backyard

* A beach or park

Next, Create a Guest List!

Like I said before, organization is the key to a great party. Create a guest list to organize your thoughts, budget, and party location. If you plan to invite only a certain amount of guests, this may help you to decide on who you’d like to spend your day with.

Party shopping list:

This is the fun part! Create a shopping list of:

* Decorations

* Food Supplies

* Games

* Invitations

* And possibly loot bags

Chose decorations based upon your party theme, coordinating colors and specific kinds of decorations.  Decide on your favorite food to prepare for your party, or maybe take out is the answer! Don’t forget about snacks and the cake!

Pick up a few silly party games like pin the tail on the donkey! Maybe a game of twister, and other games that a group of people can play. Check out Sweet 16 Party Games for more cool ideas. Planning a sweet sixteen party requires invitations. They are fun to buy, and fun to make. They give your pals a sneak peak of your party theme and your creativity. If you are feeling crafty, why not pick up some supplies to make your own!

Every party needs loot bags. A cool thing that you can do is pick up a few cheap purses and fill them with candy, makeup and magazines.

Next, you will want to plan how to decorate your sweet 16 party.

Decorate your party to your specific chosen theme. Get creative! Make some of your very own decorations. Fill the party with balloons and streamers cut from garbage bags. You can get get your decorations at the dollar store or any local party shop.

Planning a sweet sixteen party takes, motivation, dedication, and lots of fun!

Planning cool games and activities:

View our party games and activities on the website! Yopu may find some helpful ideas and free pintables at our Party Games page!

Cool party games can include a dance competition or just a dance. Dancing is always a fun sport that most teens and young adults enjoy. It is a fun and freeing activity.  You can play the Macarana in between songs for a god laugh.
Snging Karaoke is another classic party activity.

Or if you want to mix thingsup and add a twist to a classic game, play the game Twister but incorporate a messy food like whipped cream to make the game more challenging.

The Essentials of Throwing a Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

You know that you need to plan, decorate, get a cake, invite the guests and find the right venue. But where do you begin? Well we will help you through this party planning one simple step at a time!

Planning A Sweet 16

Planning a sweet 16 is a lot of fun. There are many things that you will want to take into consideration however. The party budget and theme are the two most important things to decide on. Check out our Party Planner Checklist here!

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Planning the Parties Menu

Judging by the amount of guests you plan to invite to your party, decide on a menu. Consider your favorite food, snacks and deserts. Make sure you prepare enough for the whole party, or else order some take out!

Planning a sweet sixteen party with these few easy to do steps, you are bound to have the sweetest birthday party in town.

Party planning takes a certain amount of dedication, patience, and motivation. The rearding part abut planning is that you end up throwing the perfect party of your dreams!

Planning a sweet sixteen party isn't difficult when you break it down in fun steps! I hope you enjoyed these cool ideas.

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