Jungle Fever Party Theme for Sweet Sixteen!

It's Hot, It's Tropic, and It's Feverish. "A Redbull Party Hit!"

A Jungle Fever party theme for sweet sixteen is a very exotic and unique party. If you are one of those girls who loves animal print designs, and a safari like feel, this is the perfect party for you!

The jungle’s an exciting place to be. The heat, the trees and the animals all make it extraordinary. Be the first to show off your wild side by dressing up as a jungle girl or a wild animal. If you want to have a dress theme, why not dress up as Jane and find yourself a Tarzan for a date!

This is a popular party theme during the summer. Red Bull has thrown a jungle fever party, along with several other great party throwers.

Dress code:

Ask your guests to dress up in safari like wear, from wild jungle people to the most interesting animals. In dress codes, you can go as simple as tiger ears or as fierce as a top model!

Getting all of the girls to wear grass- like leaf skirts is fun at a jungle fever party. An animal print clothing theme would also be great for this party theme for sweet sixteen. Anything a little fierce and wild can be done at a jungle fever party theme for sweet sixteen.

Cool Random Dress wear:

You can hand out grass headbands at the door for your guests to wear.

Tribal masks are also cool; you and your friends can make these before or during your party for guests to wear. Camouflage clothing would also be cool for the guys!

Have face paint lying around so your friends can paint tribal designs on their faces, or even animal inspired face paint.

Jungle Fever Decorations:

Decorate in a way that your party location will look like a jungle. This is one of my favorite sweet 16 party themes because there is so much color and detail that you can put into the look of this party.

Brown and green streamers can be taped to the floor and hanging from the ceiling. Make vines by twisting strands of green streamers together.

I would recommend using a few strings of streamer per vine, as to make them thick. Also tape the top and the bottom of your streamer vines so they don’t untwist during the jungle fever party.

Buy lots of bananas! The more the merrier. The more bananas you get the more like a jungle your party will look. Plus know one will go home hungry.

You can create animal cages to dance in if you have a dance floor using brown party streamers hanging from the ceiling.

Tiki torches will look great as decorations at your jungle fever party. You can also get long bamboo sticks and plants. Lucky bamboo plants would look great as centerpieces.

Get some wild animal posters, but the animals out and tape them to a large cardboard strong enough to stand. Create a vision of animals lurking around your jungle fever party themes for sweet sixteen.

Sweet Sixteen Party Favors:

Jungle fever party sweet sixteen party favors are fun. Anything tropical or animal print will work great. Here are a few random examples of favors to check out:

*Jungle animal beanie babies
*Flower Leis
*Animal print ipod cases, phone cases, wallets… etc
*Funny slippers of various wild animals (lions, giraffes..etc)
*Camo gear. Give everyone a camouflage personalized t-shirt or tank top.

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Well there we have it. This is one of the greatest sweet 16 party themes to throw in the summer. Remember to keep it green! Enjoy your jungle fever party theme for sweet sixteen!

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