Nicki Minaj/ Barbie

by must b fabulous
(Hanover, Pa)

My daughter wants her theme to her party to be Nicki Minaj/Barbie...

Can someone please help me out with some ideas? She wants to use the Chinese boxes as gift favors.

The guest will fill the Chinese boxes with their choice of candy from the candy table.

I was thinking of having cupcakes with Nicki Minaj photos sticking out surrounding her birthday cake.

Once again someone please help me!!

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big wuss
by: fan

I love ❤ Nicki Minaj but my mom despises her and says she's plastic.

Love it
by: Enoch

Decorated by having a lot of three layer cakes and make sure you had the shining glitter to make it.

Make sure you have a lot of 16 which is things and make sure you got a good difference for it to be shiny and Eric and you can get the iPhone 6 plus for it.

Also get some sprinkles I'm put the cake on get him some 24 cupcakes to it and get bubblegum get sour skittles get everything so it will be popular for it to just

sweet sixteen
by: kyla

im having a sweet sixteen and my theme is nicki minaj/ barbie. i cant find anything that has to do with either of those things. please help me. also if you have any ideas that i can use pleace help me with that too. thank you so muchh.

My bday
by: Anonymous

I'm going to have a bay party all about Nicki and Im going to have face makeup artist and have a big gym. I will also have nicki on every thing and all that and some photos people can take pics whith mehh

nicki minaj
by: Anonymous

If you want a nicki minaj party buy colorful wigs or have guests brin their own have a bunch of nicki mianj posters.

Idea for Nicki Minaj theme party
by: April

I think buying either a pink carpet or pink fabric for guests to have a Pink Carpet entrance and have a big white paper wall in white with the words Barbie and Nicki Minaj in pink letters all over the back to pose in front of and take pictures!

My Niece Wants a Nikki Sweet 16
by: Anonymous

I am planing on doing it pink, green, and blue all in neon colors.

I am having makeup tables for the guest to get there makeup done as Nikki, and all the guest have to come with Nikki wigs.

We are also doing cupcakes in hot pink.... and there are still more ideas to come...

party rocking
by: Anonymous

You should have Nicki performer at the party and have your daughter look and dress just like her and get her a car that says Nickiand pink!

by: Anonymous

My daughter is turning 16 and she wants a Nicki Minaj/barbie party.

I've got a cake with white icing with barbie in pink on it and 24 cupcakes pink and white with glitter, got Barbie balloons and table clothes with confetti, banners the food is all pink and white.

She is exctied for the pending celebration. luv nicki minaj lolxxxx

Nicki Party
by: WeezysGirl

i think the birthday girl should dress as Nicki Minaj & let other people dress creative or regular.

Let the b-day girl be different & have a lot of "nicki" colors for the party, and have her picture on the cupcakes or cake & her cd playing of course . black lights...

barbie and wonderland
by: Anonymous

Okay, im throwing a barbie and wonderland party but im thinking of having everyone come looking like a barbie or close and have pink balloons that say niki minaj and the whole party pink

Different Color Wigs
by: Anonymous

How about all the female guests come to the party wearing their best Nicki M. wig.

All decorations should be in light pink, fuchsia, and various colors of pink.

Have disposable camera's in a bowl or on ea. table for people to take pictures then leave there for the bday girl to put her memory book.

by: Anonymous

Getting Nicki Minaj party dresses would be a great idea!

by: Anonymous

My friend is having a "live Barbie Sweet 16" party theme.

by: Anonymous

My sweet 16 is coming up and im starting to plan it and my theme is Nicki Minaj/Barbie. I love Nicki Minaj, I would die for her. Please someone help me I need sweet 16 party ideas!!

13th Birthday Nicki Theme
by: Anonymous

I had a Nicki/ Barbie Theme party, and I have pics. Too bad i can't post.

by: Anonymous

Maybe instead of having a picture of Nicki on the cupcakes you should have a photo of your daughter dressed as a barbie/ Nicki M.

Nicki Minaj Barbie theme
by: Nicki fan

I am a Huge Fan of Nicki And I Was going to have a Barbie theme, but then I decided that I wanted a Nicki Minaj/barbie theme or something like that too.

HELP ME !!!!
by: Anonymous

I am throwing a party themed Nicki Minaj/Barbie,for myself and I need help planning it.

I don't know where to start or what to do.

Nicki Minaj Party
by: Nini Minaj

I am planning a Nicki Minaj/Barbie birthday party for my daughter who will be turning 13 in May.

I plan to buy a white or pink canopy with four walls with windows and do something similar to who photo shoot "Barbie in Wonderland".

I plan to hire a make-up artist to lightly due my daughters make-up similar to Nicki and have finger food and stuffed croissants.

Barbie--- lame?
by: Carah

I am a barbie girl. I love barbie. I collect barbies, try to look like barbie, and my nickname is, well, barbie; and have a completely barbie themed bedroom.

I thought The best way to express myself through my sweet 16 party would be to have a barbie party :)

But how can I get creative with this, and make it fun for both girls AND guys?

Help with Nicki Minaj Party
by: Carmen

I'm throwing a similar party for my sister.

I'm having it in my basement which makes this a little easier. In one room I'm using all black lights.

It will give it a cool effect. You can also get glow in the dark or black light paint and do posters.

They also have black light body paint. Also make it very colorful. Do a candy table.

The colors for my party are black and pink. We're telling all the kids to wear black and pink.

I hope this helps.

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