Masquerade sweet 16

by Aaliyah Moore
(Brooklyn, New york)

Hi my name is Aaliyah.

I'm 15 turning 16 May 17th. This party planning is a little harder then I thought.

This is because there's just so much that I would love to be seen or happen but it all can't.

I'm going to have a limo with a few friends like 2 hours before my party and there's about 7 or 8 girls and just 2 boys.

One of them is my date so he'll be walking me out the other boy is my cousin.

Should they just walk in all together? or should they do a little dance or something?

I am stuck on that. Another question, I don't know what food to serve because everyone may not like the same thing so do you know any most common foods?

Sorry last question, my theme is masquerade and the colors are purple, white, and black and my outfit is cheetah print.

That's what I am going for, would it be too much to get my cake and some decorations and all of that cheetah print too ?

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