Life-Sized Clue

The life-size clue game is just like the board game but for one exception. You and your friends are the actual players.

You go from room to room guessing who killed who. It was so much fun, I'm so glad i decided to play this game!!!

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Sep 24, 2014
Make Your Guests Clueless with this Popular Sweet 16 Party Game!
by: Anonymous

Life Sized Clue can be a fun party game which can invest a lot of time at your party. This sweet 16 party game would be ideal for a:

- Murder Mystery Theme Party

- Criminal Minds/CSI Theme

- Halloween Haunted Party

You will have to pre warn your guests that this activity will be planned. I would suggest putting a Clue/Murder Mystery headline on your sweet 16 party invitations.

When you begin the party, you will hand everyone their roles, including the criminal. Watch and enjoy how this life sized clue game plays out at your sweet 16.

If you are having a smaller party, you can ask guests to dress in the clue characters outfits (Ex. Professor Plum or Mr. Green), but I would only do this is you have the right amount of party guests so that everyone can participate.

All in all, this is a great sweet 16 party game for a smaller party at home.

Jun 14, 2011
How to play real life clue
by: Anonymous

You have to create a time line in little note cards and have them all planned out. I

t's a lot of work and hard to get going but if your party will go along and get into it it will be a lot of fun.

You play out the game as if all is fine and than you find a body... you have to give each person a part and explain in a note card for them only what they need to do.

Next you will have so many for a night, and a lot of planning it will be like writing a play.

But in the end you will lead everyone to one ending, who did it.

You wont tell them who on the card. But you will know and the murderer in the end will know.

It's hard to do but it would be fun if you could plan the whole thing!

Nov 22, 2010
by: dora

hey mate can you plz explain the didnt give to much info on how to actually play it.

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