Glow in the Dark Wall Decorating

by Vanessa
(Clarkville, TN)

Take black plastic table cloths you can get at the dollar tree.

Go out and buy different colors of neon paint. Take brushes and dip them in the paint and then spatter it on the table cloths.

The paint will glow under the black lights plus will make the room full of color. You can hang them up on the walls, let the guest paint things on them with different notes or graffiti.

You can also use them as table cloths to dress up your tables. Put highlighters in the tables so guest can write on the table cloths.

I had a glow party and this was a great way to decorate the rooms and the guest loved it. Plus it was really cheap.

I had a pre-party paint party with my closest friends to help out in painting the table cloths and that is a fun and social able way to get your friends involved in your party.

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awwww :(

Well I really wanted to use this wall decorating thing.....

But now I cant because I am pregnant and all this strong smell wont be a good idea dud :/

by: prodigy girl

i am going to use this for my party

Great Idea
by: Anonymous

Omg I am so doing this for my sweet 16 party this January!

great idea
by: Anonymous

OMG!! This sounds like fun I am going to try sweet 16 is only 3 weeks away and I am just now planning!!:(

I love it!
by: SnailOnABicycle

This idea is fantastic! I'm definitely going to use it at my party :D

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