Glow In The Dark Party

A glow in the dark party is one of the hottest themes for a sweet 16. You can throw this party just about anywhere that is dark, or can be made dark. The key to this party is black lights, neon colours, great music, and glow in the dark smacks.

The Essential steps to throwing a Glow in the Dark Party

In order to throw a great glow party, you must make sure to choose a venue that can be made very dark. By covering the windows with black out drapes or black garbage bags, this can keep the light of the outdoors away from your décor. Cover your windows with something dark and disposable and pant graffiti with glow in the dark paint.

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The materials that you should obtain to prepare fro a glow in the dark party are:

*Black lights
*Glow sticks
*Neon colour decorations
*Music with a good beat

 You can kick off the party by breaking the ice with your guests. Give your friends a plain white tee, set up a glow in the dark paint and highlighter stations, and provide glow sticks and other glow jewellery. Activities and favors are key factors of sweet 16 party ideas.

 By asking each guest to wear neon colors in some way, from neon shoelaces to neon accessories, they will glow in the dark. This should be an important rule.

Black Light Party

For a unique and FANTASTIC party, try a sweet 6teen black light party! A black light party is a dance party. The party should be in a room or house that is very dark, and each light that is on, must be a black light!

 This can either be a very large party or small. You can play a large variety of music from electronica/dub-step to the latest and greatest, anything up beat works!

Decorating your glow in the dark party is pretty simple. You will need to buy some black lights from your local party store, as many as possible is recommended. 

Along with your black lights, if it is possible to get strobe lights or a disco ball, go for it! This will add a very fun impact to your dance floor.  

Make sure that the balloons, streamers and confetti are all neon colour or glow in the dark.

Paint table cloths with fun designs in glow paint. Make sure to do this a few days in advance so that it's all prepped and dry before throwing the party.

 Buy some big star glow in the dark stickers and stick them up on walls and your ceiling.

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There are tons of creative activities that you can have at your glow in the dark party. 

Serve multiple colours of jello snacks at the snack table. Serve bright colour deserts and beverages such as Mountain Dew, Cream Soda, and Orange Crush.

If you and your pals are feeling daring, buy some temporary neon hair dye and streak your guests hair to glow in the dark!

Also, buy some glow in the dark nail polish for the girls to do each others nails at the party.

Purchase some white face paint and have your guests draw designs on each others faces! White will glow against the black lights very well.

Accessories are a must have at a glowing sweet 16 party. For guests to wear, pick up some:

* Glow sticks, and other glow jewellery
* Glow in the dark sunglasses
* White top hats for the guys and masks for the girls 

 Put together a "Make your Own" glow in the dark jewellery station.

 Have a Dress up contest. The Guest with the most votes for brightest outfit will win a prize.

Meals and Munchies:

You can serve pretty much anything at a glow in the dark party. Make sure that it is simple and not something that will require a lot of light to prepare.  

Serve food on glow in the dark plates or simply white party plates. Get black lights and ask everyone to wear all white. their clothing will definitely glow!  Check out som birthday cakes here

It is a great idea to have a dance at your glow in the dark party. Mix some techno in with your favorite music. If you can, hire a DJ for the party.

Dance the night away and have a glow stick limbo contest. Get some glow in the dark blow up balls to throw around the dance floor.

Have a great time! 

You can really do anything from face painting to clothes painting to express unique identity at a Glow party, so get you creative thinking cap on and have a great time. 

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